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The Complete Guide to the Upcoming Roko NFT Project for 2022

Non-substitutable token, Or NFT for short, is a unit of data stored on the blockchain and, unlike cryptocurrencies, is not exchangeable. They can be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, audio, etc., and can be sold and traded. These tokens represent ownership of these linked files. The two NFTs are not the same, and every piece is unique.

The first known NFT was created by Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash in 2014 and is known as “Quantum”. The increase in popularity and public interest of NFTs has occurred since 2017, when an online game called CryptoKitties attracted public attention. Since then, numerous NFT projects have been launched, with only the first three months of 2021 US $ 200 million Spent on NFT. Today, non-fungible tokens prove an innovative way to exchange digital artwork linked to it. Owning an NFT means obtaining a license to use this digital asset for personal, non-commercial purposes, but generally no copyright is granted to the purchaser. In addition to ownership and exchange of proprietary digital artwork, ownership of a particular NFT can be the key to entry into a private community.

Here, we will introduce the Loco clan. Roko Clan, a digital merchandise provider, stands out with its four main set NFTs, followed by a private sale set. This has clear benefits for dynamic pricing and community participation. Members-only giveaway The whitelist is one of the benefits of joining a clan. Clan members are encouraged to actively engage in decision-making in the form of influence on manga, and to vote for donations and initiatives.

What’s really unique about the Roko clan is that the story of the NFT Graphic novels and manga, You can unlock it step by step. Set in Blockchain City, the scene is a fascinating story about a young loco who saw Don Satoshi’s brutal murder of his father and grew into a strong rival. He will become Don of the city of the future and is struggling to free it from the immoral rule of Don Satoshi.

Among the many platforms running on the blockchain-based non-fungible token track, the Roko clan and the masses are distinguished for the following reasons:

Discounts and giveaways – The foundation of the Loco clan is based on generosity. In this way, the Loco clan takes care of its members in the form of discounts, giveaways, and decision-making voices. Among these 140 NFTs are reserved for giveaways and airdrops.

Graphic novels, manga magazines, podcasts – Unique rewards and possibilities to bring the community together

Dynamic pricing – Dividing the NFT into 4 sets and the private set as pre-sale sets in different price ranges creates an unprecedented pricing strategy

Pricing and scaling

The Don Loco collection is divided into a total of 5 sets, including private sets.

Private sale event

Private sale of the Loco Clan collection is now available before launch.

500 NFT will be available at Private sales At a price of 0.06 ETH / piece.

Public sale
Price of set 1-0.07ETH / piece
Set 2 – Price of 0.08 ETH / piece
Set 3 – 0.09 ETH / piece price
Set 4 – 0.1 ETH / piece price

The starting price for 100 rare NFTs is 1 ETH.

The Roko Clan NFT is created under the Ethereum blockchain gold standard ERC-721 contract.

Total of Don Loco NFTs in circulation – 10,000
Total LocoClan Membership Available – 10,000

NFT name: Loco Clan

Setting royalties

  • 3% will be retained for charities / initiatives and events
  • 3% will be designated for future planning
  • 3% will be assigned to creators



  • Start of pre-sale
  • Pre-launch gift
  • Immediate access to Chapter 1 of Don Rocographic Novels


twenty five%

  • NFT set 2 release
  • Don Loco Graphic Novel Chapter 2 Release


  • Boss’ order.Merchants 1.0 release with member discount


  • NFT set 3 release
  • Don Loco Manga Magazine Monthly: Chapter 3
  • Public gift


  • Merchant 1.1 release and member discount


  • Don Loco Manga Magazine Monthly: Chapter 4
  • Public airdrop gift


  • Rare NFT releases and auctions


  • Don Loco Manga Magazine Monthly
  • Members-only gift
  • Release of a podcast that includes YouTube launch and other membership benefits.

In a nutshell, Roko Clan is all set to be a unique digital collector with the vision of providing members with valuable high quality non-fungible tokens in the field of blockchain. In the meantime, the community works well.

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