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The Black Market Concierge Becomes First Ever NFT For Upcoming TV Series Based On Best Selling Book

Los Angeles, California- Hollywood is looking for new sources of revenue in the non-fungible token (NFT) hotmarket.

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the world of investment. Cryptocurrencies are a modern alternative to investing, but the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has changed the way creators and artists fund and sell projects.

An NFT is a unit of data stored in a digital ledger. They are unique and cannot be exchanged. These digital assets are currently being used to provide genuine ownership of art, music, video clips and more. NFTs use blockchain technology to create secure transactions for certifying digital art, from movies to music to artwork.

The Black Market Concierge is a definitive memoir that tells the story of Barry Oberholzer’s long-standing secret life as an informant for the US government infiltrating the top levels of organized crime syndication, smuggling operations, and Middle East intelligence. NFT project.

The show follows Barry Oberholzer, a very clear, knowledgeable, intelligent businessman and mastermind, as a confidential provider of several government agencies for over a decade. Barry, coupled with the mysterious ability to access the labyrinth of creative companies, gather information and refine it, infiltrates and collaborates with the world’s most dangerous criminals and corrupt politicians, exempting them from prosecution. In exchange for providing information about their activities.

Each episode introduces a new character that can be used as an NFT specific to that episode and the overall storyline. NFT owners share ownership of the show, earn credit as a producer, and acquire potential roles in the series.

NFT is a collectible.This is an NFT copy of Black Market Concierge Treated as a limited edition of the show. According to the brand’s creative director, Renne Simoes, there will be seven episodes “Drops” in the first season.

Each of these drops will be a limited version of the series and collectable content. Users can purchase or bid on these items using cryptocurrencies or regular credit cards.

NFT-based shows run on the Ethereum blockchain.

About Barry Overholzer

Barry Overholzer is a commercial helicopter pilot, former professional rugby player, tech entrepreneur and former intelligence officer. He has one of the finest and most bohemian spirits of working in the public security industry, causing extraordinary corporate turmoil.

His actions were by no means exactly business-like, and his previous career as an intelligence agent in various government agencies became a controversial heading, but his experience in the field of counterintelligence and within the drug terrorist group. The skill set gained from his activities gave him something unique: his ability to lay an impressive foundation and vision prior to game innovation.

As the author of the Black Market Concierge, he opened the window to a dual life as a CI for the United States and other international intelligence agencies and provided information on the role of key players in the international smuggling business. Tells a fast-paced story about. Big companies, criminal syndicates, politicians, and government officials all appear in his unique story, a terribly honest story of a boy aviation enthusiast who flowed into the world of international espionage when he was young.

Media contacts
Company Name: Simoes solution
contact person: Renne Simoes
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phone: 347-845-2373
Country: America

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