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The Australian link to crypto hedge fund’s mystery $1m loan

However, the deal shows Alameda’s reach in the crypto industry during the height of the bubble in 2021-early 2022. At the time, companies such as Alameda promised investors huge profits, but many ultimately failed to deliver.

After confirming that James Ferguson is on the board, a spokesperson for the foundation noted his position on the Cayman Islands General Register, which this masthead had previously denied, and its subsidiary revealed that one of the Tokens to Alameda lent Guild of Guardians worth about $800,000.

“All members are on the board as independent members and do not represent any company, and the board maintains strict independence from our partners,” the spokesperson said. “The Digital Worlds Foundation is an independent non-profit organization. A non-profit foundation is a common entity structure that supports the decentralization of token protocols and is used by many of the largest and most influential blockchain projects. increase.”

The loan was initially disclosed in a letter to backers from Immutable’s main investor, AirTree Ventures. Get on this mastheadThe loan was worth about $1 million and incorrectly described the foundation as an immutable “grant department”.

The list of creditors from FTX’s management published by a US court also includes Guild of Guardians, whose address is listed as an immutable subsidiary in Sydney called Leonis.


But a spokesperson for Immutable said the document was inaccurate and supported Robbie Ferguson’s earlier statements. statement is correct,” the spokesperson said. “Any reports that Immutable or its subsidiaries, including Leonis Pty Ltd, are creditors are false. Their inclusion in the creditor list is false.”

“The Digital Worlds Foundation is an independent foundation and is not part of the Immutable Group of companies,” the spokesperson said separately. “Immutable is not owned or controlled by the Digital Worlds Foundation.”

The spokesperson also emphasized the foundation’s independence. “James is the director of it in his personal capacity,” the spokesperson said. Occupying seats at meetings is common.”

A small British overseas territory in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are a popular home for cryptocurrency projects due to their openness to technology and legal stability.

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