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Thai SEC Comes After Bitkub Exchange, OpenSea Rewards Whitehats, BIS Working With (at Least) 7 Central Banks on CBDC Projects + More News

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regulatory news

  • Thai’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is filed a lawsuit against crypto exchanges bit turnip and two individuals who allege that the crypto platform was involved in the wash trade. It is seeking civil fines and costs of approximately $634,000, as well as a six-month ban on the two of her involved.
  • Digital asset trading platform based in Singapore crypto dot com is authorized to operate as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) in France. Around Announcement, it is registered by Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) following clearance from Autorité de Control Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR).

security news

  • NFT Marketplace high seas We recently awarded at least two ethical hackers $100,000 each as a bounty. 2 hackers – Koben Leo When Knicks – states that a critical security vulnerability has been found in OpenSea’s infrastructure.


  • The central banks of Sweden, Norway and Israel Bank for International Settlements Test international retail and remittance payments using central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), Reuters reportSwedish Riksbank.
  • of Bank for International Settlements (Screw) was marked a “success” after a month-long testing phase in which the multijurisdictional CBDC pilot facilitated cross-border transactions worth $22 million. The pilot program ran from August 15th until he September 23rd. mBridge ledgera custom-developed DLT platform, announced SaidThe central banks of Hong Kong, Thailand, China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) participated along with 20 commercial banks in those regions.

wallet news

  • Consensis Announcing Third Round of Institutional Custodians Onboarded to Web3’s Institutional Wallet meta mask institutional (MMI). Cobo, floating point group, LiminalWhen Propyne According to the press release, it will join MMI’s series of administrators. The latest onboarding brings the total number of custodians supported by MetaMask Institutional to 11.
  • US online trading platform robin hood That”Web3 wallet” to 10,000 iOS users who have signed up for the waiting list. Polygon (MATIC) First blockchain to be supported. Said.

NFT news

  • major auction house christie’s announced Christie’s 3.0a newly developed platform that enables fully on-chain non-fungible tokens (NFTs)sale. The on-chain marketplace has been built from the ground up with his three Web3 companies. manifold, ChainalysisWhen Spatial, Said press release. Christie’s 3.0 allows auctions to be run online. Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain from start to finish, they added.

exchange news

  • binance announced the “first-ever crypto-sponsored vacation” called “cryptotourism.” This is intended to show that “efficient, safe and simple travel is in his Web3 world.” Said publication. The exchange has teamed up with travel influencers Lauren Bren and Jack Morris on a global crypto-only scavenger hunt that includes donating $50,000. BNB For those who want to participate in exercise.
  • binance also officially announced Its global law enforcement training program “has grown exponentially since expanding its investigative team last year,” they said. Binance created the program, a globally coordinated effort to help law enforcement and prosecutors uncover financial and cyber crimes and help prosecute bad actors, they said. added.

blockchain news

  • Digital payment platform Wirex announced signed a memorandum of understanding with Uzbekistan Direct Investment FundThe partnership will allow the company to Uzbek Governments are implementing blockchain solutions and distributed ledger technology for various government services.
  • Iota (Miota) was announced for sale. shimmer network, a dedicated innovation and staging network for the IOTA ecosystem. This follows his two-plus-month battle-testing of the Shimmer Beta version. Said publication. Shimmer expands his DAG ledger with a configurable tokenization framework, creating new possibilities to tokenize everything (NFTs, real-world assets, stablecoins, fan tokens, etc.) natively at Layer 1 without fees. Open sex, they added.

investment news

  • crypto venture capital investor Pantera Capital Seeking to raise $1.25 billion for second blockchain fund, Bloomberg report.
  • Crypto Market Data Provider crypto compare An institutional-level blockchain infrastructure company for node management and staking block daemon According to a press release, it has announced the launch of a family of staking yield indices.of CryptoCompare Blockdaemon Staking Yield Index Family Designed to measure annualized daily staking yields generated by digital assets, institutional investors can create total return and yield swap products, benchmark portfolios, conduct research, and works first avalanche, Cardano, universe, Polka dotWhen Solana.

DeFi news

  • safety (Before Gnosis safe), an Ethereum-based digital asset management platform, announced the decentralization of governance with its launch. SafeDAO and SAFE tokens. The core team, appointed Safe Guardians, $100 million funding investors, and 55,000 Safe users are eligible to join the new decentralized autonomous organization (Dao) Governance, announced. The DAO will manage the Safe protocol, interface, supply of Safe tokens, and growth of the ecosystem. You can claim your SAFE until December 27th.
  • of arweave Blockchain announces further decentralization of projects, say it We plan to launch two new organizations to focus on building the ecosystem. concentration On increasing permaweb adoption across free speech and digital persistence. 2. The Digital History Association: Swiss non-profit organization focused on research and development of the Arweave protocol.
  • Structured product platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) ribbon finance Launched EvoEthereum’s high-performance options exchange, according to a press release. Instant onboarding from AlWallet. Aevo first starts with his ETH option and then launches Bitcoin and other coins for the next month.

mining news

  • US bitcoin miner clean spark announced Bitcoin mining hashrate surpassing 4 EH/s, an increase of over 30% in less than a month. The company expects to maintain its end-2022 guidance of 5 EH/s and meet its end-2023 guidance of 22.4 EH/s.

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