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Tethan Arena Becomes One of the First BNB Chain Partners on OpenSea By DailyCoin

Tethan Arena becomes one of OpenSea’s first BNB chain partners
  • OpenSea has added support for BNB chains. All BNB Chain NFT collections with transactions occurring after January 1, 2022 will be available.
  • Additionally, Thetan Arena is one of the first BNB chain partners to list NFTs on OpenSea.

Tethan Arena presents its first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection as part of its 1 year anniversary celebration.

The project team announced the launch of the exclusive Tethan 184 NFT collection, first unveiled at the ETH Vietnam event held on November 25-26.

Tethan Arena NFT pre-orders and benefits explained

According to the pre-order form, only the first 100 pre-orders received 10% cashback.

There are three packages that players can order to receive physical gift boxes and rewards. These are divided into three tiers: Silver ($300), Gold ($750) and Diamond ($1,800).

Tethan Arena Official NFT Pre-Order Form

Some of the perks players will get for holding these NFTs mentioned in the announcement are books of thetans, hero figures, and exclusive gift boxes.

The announcement doesn’t explicitly detail what these rewards offer.

The official Tethan Arena Marketplace has a free box available to all new players. This box contains a 70% hero drop rate and a 30% cosmetic drop rate.

The 184 collection will be released in four phases.

  • OG on December 9th.
  • Undercover Life on December 16th.
  • December 23rd holiday saboteur.
  • Rhythm of Fire on December 30th.

On November 29, 2022, OpenSea officially shared that it added support for BNB chains. We also shared a list of some NFTs that have already been added to the NFT store.

The addition could further benefit OpenSea, as the BNB chain dominates the GameFi sector with a higher market share than competing blockchains, allowing it to bring more players to the market.

Additionally, OpenSea has been active in supporting other blockchains. On October 13, 2022, the NFT Marketplace will also be powered by the (AVAX) blockchain.

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Tethan Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that will appeal to eSports players. Competitive play is also encouraged.

Players can also team up and battle each other to earn token rewards.

THG is the game’s native cryptocurrency and is used to purchase in-game items or NFTs on the official Tethan Arena marketplace. Currency is obtained by playing the game.

on the flipside

  • Tethan Arena is one of the first projects on the BNB chain to list NFTs on OpenSea, but already 50 projects listed. This means that there is still stiff competition surrounding the project.

why you should care

The addition of Tethan Arena NFTs on OpenSea and broader support for BNB chain NFTs in the market means that many projects will now have access to a huge number of potential buyers.

This can also increase the player base for each blockchain game. Additionally, you can introduce new players to games that they may not have tried because they are not supported by OpenSea.

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