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Tequity Ventures marks key AvatarUX partnership with SBC Barcelona tournament – European Gaming Industry News

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Every mobile gamer lives in fear of running out of mobile data when not near a WiFi connection, or having a slow connection and not being able to check Discord, Tiktok, or Instagram. Some mobile browsers offer a prehistoric solution to the slow or no internet nightmare, but shouldn’t we have something more exciting?

On a mission to eradicate offline boredom once and for all, Opera GX, the world’s first web browser for gamers, today announced the launch of the Opera GX Mobile Game Jam. This event is a perfect opportunity to create the ultimate in-browser game played by millions of players around the world whenever their mobile devices go offline or internet speeds get frustratingly slow. Provide to developers.

“All other in-browser mobile games were created years ago behind closed doors. We’re very excited to put the opportunity in the hands of a passionate community of game developers and users who, after all, have a nightmare of no data or Wi-Fi. , you’re going to play it,” said Maciej Kocemba, Head of Opera GX.

Web browsers often offer simple offline games that can be played through the application when the user’s Internet connection is lost. These games include simple prehistoric dinosaur games and not particularly thrilling surfing adventures. Opera GX is about to change this, offering a thrilling alternative to the browser, built for true gamers. In 2021, the desktop version of Opera GX ran a game jam and created the first offline game. The competition was won by Operius, the first thrilling offline game that has already been played millions of times. Now the team has set up a bounty to find the best mobile his offline game and bring it to Opera GX mobile’s huge audience.

The Game Jam, held in partnership with GameMaker, the fastest and easiest cross-platform game development engine, starts October 4th.-18th place, 2022) will offer a total prize pool of $36,000, with $10,000 for the ultimate winner. The rest of the prize money will be split among the top 5 players, with a portion going to the most played titles.

The voting process begins with an internal review by Opera. The selected titles are then voted on social media to select the top 10. This makes Opera GX the only internet browser with future development of the service. in the hands of the community.

Opera GX is the only browser designed for gamers. It offers a myriad of customization options, including color themes, sound effects, background music, CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth limiters designed to make more of your computer’s resources available for gaming. .. Opera GX Mobile is the mobile version available for both Android and iOS.

This latest game jam follows on from several previous events held by Opera where over 1,900 unique games were created and submitted for inclusion, in addition to the current titles available on the desktop GX browser. will be held. Opera will continue to involve the community in future developments as the service grows and expands.

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