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TamJai International expands in the metaverse, launches NFT collection to benefit HK’s art scene

Hong Kong-based F & B chain Tam Jai International will be rolling out the first NFT collection, Souper Hero, consisting of over 10,000 NFTs. Brands also create hubs in the sandbox metaverse created by avatars and NFT items. Community members will be introduced.

The F & B Group said in a statement that the NFT collection “Souper Hero” will be released on June 19, 2022. Created by local cartoonists such as Wong, Kam Siu-man, Big Y and Chow Siumou, the collection consists of four series, including the TamJai Topping series, TamJai JehJeh series, SamGor Topping series and SamGorCharacter series. A total of 10,020 NFTs have been created, 1,000 of which are whitelisted, pre-sale scheduled for June 8, 2022, and 20 will be auctioned.

This collection is available at the NFT Marketplace Artzioneer, which accepts fiat money such as credit cards. In addition, the price of all NFTs is HK $ 500. TamJai International said we need to make all forms of art available to everyone. NFT owners have access to a variety of benefits, including free rice noodles with two toppings, free VIP membership in either TamJai or SamGor, and invitations to private events. Owners can also earn bonus points to redeem the benefits, as well as various benefits.

The brand also donated all net income from the “Souper Hero” collection to the Hong Kong Arts Center (HKAC) project “Out of the Cube” to support the local digital artist community and provide long-term digital art training and Promote education. Artists are invited to participate in the Creator Grooming program, a regular program of the “OutoftheCube” project curated by HKAC to hone their digital artmaking skills.

“The Souper Hero collection is unique in that it has a lot of cultural value and exclusivity. It’s certainly a desirable investment item, but unlike most NFT products on the market, Souper Hero. Is a charitable project aimed at fostering local artists and making digital art accessible to everyone, not just a limited wealthy investor group. That’s a very good reason. It’s a timeless collection, “said Daren Lau, Chairman, Managing Director and CEO of TamJai International.

Apart from the NFT collection, TamJai International will manage the Metaverse Zone at HKAC and host a series of digital artmaking workshops by professional sandbox artists. TamJai International is also paving the way for building an “edutainment hub” in the Sandbox Metaverse LAND, where avatars and NFT items created by community members will be on display. The hub will be a platform for NFT holders to participate in mixian-themed mini-games. NFT items created by community members will be listed on The Sandbox Marketplace as the featured TamJai Voxel NFT collection. The winner will receive a sandbox native token SAND.

As an iconic part of the brand, TamJai International will also feature waitress uniforms in the Metaverse. A unified design competition in the Metaverse allows artists and fans to customize 3DNFT avatars, from enoki mushroom guys to virtual waitresses.

“In the future, TJI will launch more innovative marketing initiatives to stay connected with customers and create more value for the community,” Lau added.

Prior to the launch of the NFT collection, the company said on TamJai Yunnan Mixian’s Facebook page that the brand is undergoing a transformation. The post states, “TamJaiYunnanMixian and TamJaiSamGorMixian have been working individually to provide the best Mixian with excellent service, but for the first time we will work together to provide a bigger one.”

According to the post, TamJai International, along with both TamJaiYunnanMixian and TamJaiSamGorMixian brands, planned to take customers’ casual dining experiences to a “whole new level.”

According to a simple search conducted by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, netizens speculated that the two brands would be merged.

Apart from its debut in the Metaverse, TamJai International has also opened two new TamJai SamGor brands in Singapore. One of the two new stores is at Lot One Shopper’s Mall and the other will open by mid-May. It will be Junction 8. To commemorate the launch of these two new stores, TamJaiSamGor has launched a special edition of Parents’ Day. Takeaway container.

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