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Taking the customizable NFT toward P2E game in development for users ‘to explore more fun’

What is this new Metaverse and NFT experience?

With all the fuzz around the Metaverse and NFTs, the cyberpunk playground is now in the immediate vicinity. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged in all shapes and sizes, and the next project under consideration here offers some interesting benefits.

this is Cyber ​​Gartz Gynoid NFT content platform For cyberpunk and sci-fi lovers. This project aims to create a Metaverse playground where members of the community can own the NFT and enjoy the joy of nurturing Gartz content with social experience. The so-called first-generation Cyber ​​Galz NFT consists of 9,999 digital art pieces with over 10 attribute types classified into four rarity rankings.

Genesis Cyber ​​Galz NFT has membership benefits, including an all-access pass to the marketplace and content platform where content with Galz is published on a regular basis. The format of the content is quite diverse and includes either digital art collections, comics, music or video.

Most content is developed within the community, and project developers aim to create a story for each Gartz in the content so that all Gartz masters can discover stories within the community. In addition, based on the published NFTs and content, the team will release P2E games in the first quarter of 2022. We expect the launch of the game to be a turning point for Cyber ​​Galz.

Key Point

The main initiative of this project is “Gathering sci-fi and cyberpunk freaks in this Metaverse community, owning digital merchandise and discovering stories about their Gartz together can be a more enjoyable quest. That is. In connection with the implementation of the initiative, the team will also publish a series of web comics after the Genesis of Cyber ​​Galz. NFT minting..

Based on the cartoon background story announced by the team, several episodes will be created with the digital community.

In this step, NFT holders and the community will work together to create and share interesting content to thrive the community as a content platform. Since then, the team plans to diversify Galz’s content with its own P2E game, which is currently in development and is planned for launch in the first quarter of 2022.

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Interestingly, Cyber ​​Galz NFTs are customizable through crafting solutions. That is, one such NFT can be adjusted with a combination of several attributes according to the owner’s preference. Creators are also planning to host pop-up events related to this customization feature, such as the Daily Look Contest.

This can improve the scalability of the community. The community can explore different opportunities for collaboration to create new perspectives, makeup, or other look items.

Cyber ​​Galz is also built on features called state-of-the-art technology features. Cyber ​​Galz NFT is Immutable X, Ethereum (ETH) NFT Layer 2 protocol. This allows users to create NFTs without gas charges. The project also employs the Arweave (AR) protocol. It is said to be the primary IPFS (Distributed System for Storage and Access to Files, Websites, Applications, and Data) bridge systems in data storage solutions.

According to the author, applying Arweave improves the persistence and reliability of your project’s NFT data. We also plan to conduct audits from major cybersecurity companies to ensure the protection of NFTs.

Contribution to the cyberpunk community

“The Cybergartz team is trying to bring like-minded cyberpunk freaks and geeks to the Gartz Metaverse, but this is to create and grow a community beyond and beyond the Galz NFT. That’s not the only purpose, and the fun part isn’t ignored no matter what, “the team shares.

The NFT platform has recently partnered with DeFine, a social NFT platform backed by prominent VCs and businesses such as Huobi Ventures, Tron, NGC Ventures, Draper Dragon, SevenX Ventures, Abyss and Pearl Abyss.

Future Plans

This project will follow the timeline starting from the creation and listing of the NFT in January 2022. There will also be a special redemption for selected supporters, and the first webcomic series will be released.

Phase 2, which is expected to continue until 2022, will cover the launch of the Cyber ​​Galz content platform, item and content drop for subscribers, and collaboration with like-minded creators. In this phase, the launch of NFT-based P2E games in the first quarter of 2022 will be at the top of the project roadmap for creating a playground for the Metaverse.

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