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Tag Heuer Launched A New Feature, NFT Display On Watches

TAG Heuer Release A new feature, usually a smartwatch feature, that allows TAG Heuer user-owned NFT collections to appear on these watches. Tag Heuer has taken a step further into the world of Web3 and introduced this all-new feature. NFTs appear on the surface of the smartwatch itself.

Most recently, the company introduced the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments on its US website. Now, this brand new feature, a new feature, is added to the TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 smartwatch collection.

According to the report, current users of this watch collection will be able to add support for this feature with free updates from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

According to the company’s announcement, this series or collection of smartwatches is more than just a smartwatch, as proof of ownership is all that is needed to be able to display NFTs and display digital asset collections. ..

TAG Heuer and its expanding crypto and digital ecosystem

New features also allow users to securely connect to crypto wallets such as MetaMask and LedgerLive. This collection of smartwatches offers three ways to view time while introducing NFT artwork. These shall work with all Ethereum collections. The company blog post read it,

Verified NFTs are displayed as hexagons, with a cloud of particles gravitationally moving around the image. Some NFTs are still images and some are animated GIFs.The TAG Heuer watch face supports these formats with crisp detail by looping the animation endlessly.


TAG Heuer presents new ways to bring these precious and collectible artworks into the real world. For the first time, it can be worn on a wrist that has been verified as proof of ownership. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 allows you to display NFT artwork on your watch by connecting a cryptocurrency wallet to ensure reliability.

TAG Heuer also argued that it would like to expand the digital ecosystem of apps and watchfaces through this move. These features were incorporated by TAG Heuer’s in-house developers and included brand trademark and design signature elements.

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NFT transfer is also included in the function

The company also mentions additional features in the latest updates. Features include the ability to transfer multiple NFTs to your watch via a paired smartphone. After this, you can choose from three designs that will help you introduce your digital assets.

You also have the option to resize the image to help fit the round screen of your smartwatch perfectly. TAG Heuer has also partnered with community members of the increasingly famous NFT project, including names such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CLONE-X.

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