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Syracuse Joins Fantastec SWAP to Offer Student-Athletes Their Own NFTs

FIFA uses AI to detect social media abuses targeting players


Andrew Cohen

FIFPRO, a United Nations of FIFA and professional soccer players, will launch a service to detect hate speech on social media during international tournaments. This service monitors posts across the social media platform sent to tournament participating team accounts, players, coaches, and referees. It will start in time for the start of the Men’s World Cup in Qatar in November.

The Monitoring service Programmed to scan hate speech terms recognized on social media during international men’s and women’s tournaments. When a malicious post is detected, tagged recipients and their followers will not be able to view comments. Offensive posts will continue to be visible to the person who submitted the post, so FIFA and FIFPRO may be able to report account activity to social media companies and law enforcement agencies.

Recent FIFA Published the report Using artificial intelligence, we tracked over 400,000 social media posts sent in the semi-finals and finals of the UEFA EURO 2020 and 2021 Africa Cup of Nations Men’s Tournaments. We found that more than 50% of the players participating in the entire tournament were discriminated against on social media.

The report was sent from an account in the player’s home country where a significant amount of abusive posts were directed, with a large number of comments flagged by homosexual aversion (40%) and racist (38%). Claims to occupy a part. According to a FIFA survey, 90% of accounts flagged for publishing fraudulent posts are “likely” to identify the person behind the account.

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