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Sylvester Stallone’s NFT Collection Is One of Hollywood’s Biggest Forays Into the Metaverse

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Sylvester Stallone’s new NFT collection has the potential to make Metaverse the perfect place to enjoy pop culture fandom.

Key Point

  • Sylvester Stallone’s groundbreaking NFT project bridges the gap between digital-only value and hands-on experience.
  • PlanetSLY is one of Hollywood’s biggest promotions centered around the Metaverse.
  • Metaverse is the future of fandom and pop culture.

Sylvester Stallone is a screenwriter, blockbuster movie star, and now an NFT enthusiast. Hollywood stars from classic movies such as “Rocky” and “Rambo” recently appeared in his own Metaverse. Non-substitutable token (NFT) Project, Planet SLY. Stallone is one of the few Hollywood stars currently breaking new ground in an ambiguous digital space. The more mainstream influencers and institutions are involved in the digital world of Metaverse, the more reliable and valuable the NFT will be.

PlanetSLY aims to connect the two worlds

Throughout the PlanetSLY project, Stallone has continued a hands-on approach to creating and designing personal NFTs. This ambitious venture to NFT space Digital collection Realize real-world value by providing real-world experiences, not just NFTs, like a gala dinner with Stallone in Miami. This project celebrates Stallone’s career in a fresh and exciting way, providing a compelling incentive to invest in NFTs for fans who are uncertain about NFTs.

Owners of SLYguy will be given the opportunity to purchase more exclusive products. This will allow fans to choose one more. The chance to steal one of these rare tokens during the pre-sale is also very exclusive. Fans need to post on social media that expresses the fandom for Stallone. Only those who have received the invitation to the pre-sale can participate. Slightly less than 10,000 NFTs will be released on the Ethereum blockchain and Stallone will only sign 25 select tokens.

Stallone’s NFT project marks the beginning of a major overlap between the Metaverse and the red carpet. A leap into the NFT space for an instantly recognizable star like Stallone may encourage other pop culture icons to do the same. The Metaverse under development can be filled with official festive artwork and virtual items that pay homage to famous stars and their best works.

The increased presence from Hollywood in the Metaverse creates even more interesting opportunities. One day, from the comfort of your home, you may be able to meet your favorite star in an exotic place or join an Oscar via the Metaverse. Stallone’s NFT collection is just the beginning of how Hollywood’s best and brightest people can interact with their fans within the Metaverse.


PlanetSLY is one of the first major forays of the major Hollywood icons into the ever-growing Metaverse. This ambitious NFT project aims to provide both digital and physical value that can help move the concept of the Metaverse into concrete reality. This venture could be the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between Hollywood and major Metaverse platforms. Stallone is leading the way for other Hollywood VIPs to interact with viewers more than ever inside the Metaverse.

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