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Swarmio Media Signs a Telco Wholesale Distribution Agreement with Apelby Communications to Target the European, African and Latin American Markets

  • Apelby Communications is a wholesaler of telecommunications products and services serving the world’s leading telecommunications carriers.
  • Swarmio and Apelby announced that Apelby will bring Swarmio’s Ember gaming and esports platform to Europe , Africa and Latin America.
  • Swarmio’s Ember platform enables game publishers and developers to reach, engage and monetize 2 billion gamers. Asia , Africa , middle east When latin america credit card penetration is relatively low and access to bank accounts is restricted. Allows purchase of in-game items using channels.

Swarmio Media Holdings Inc. (CSE: SWRM) (OTC: SWMIF) (GR: U5U) (“Swarmio” or the “Company”) focused on the global expansion of its proprietary subscription-based gaming and esports platform. A technology company. announces that it has entered into a revenue sharing agreement (the “Agreement”) with Apelby Communications (“Apelby”), a wholesaler of telecommunications products and services to major telecommunications companies in Europe, Africa and Latin America. .

According to the deal, Apelby will sell Swarmio’s Ember gaming and esports platform to Europe , Africa and LATAM sell to their own customers. Ember subscribers enjoy ultra-low latency play experiences, competitive challenges and tournaments, exclusive gaming content, managed communities, gamification and points systems, an online store (Swarmio Store), and a gamer e-wallet (Swarmio Pay ) can be accessed. Swarmio, Apelby, and the telco will share all revenue generated through the platform’s multiple monetization channels. This includes monthly subscription fees, payment processing fees, and fees from in-game purchases.

Emil Kovac Apelby CEO and co-founder commented: We believe that offering Ember to our clients and partners will provide unique new solutions to monetize and retain customers. . ”

Vijay Cartiguez Swarmio’s CEO commented: We look forward to working closely with them as he continues to launch the Ember platform in new markets around the world. ”

As Swarmio continues its global expansion, we hope to: Africa When latin america become an important market.of latin america ,in short The fastest growing gaming market in the world about 70% The population currently either has no bank account or remains underbanked.of Africa the population of gamers is more than doubled in the last five years This is mainly due to the spread of smartphones (sub-Saharan Africa is one of the world’s fastest growing mobile phone market ), about 57% One person in the population does not have a bank account.

Swarmio deploys the Ember platform to customers around the world through its telecom partners. To date, Swarmio has successfully launched platforms with some of the country’s largest carriers. Asia When north africa including Ooredoo Tunisia (launched under the brand name Ooredoo EZ – Powered by Ember), Globe Telecom Philippines (launched under the brand name Globe Gamer Grounds – Powered by Ember), and Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT Esports – Powered by Ember). Swarmio strategically targets key markets where both internet usage and gaming activity are growing rapidly and populations lack access to traditional bank accounts and credit cards.

About Apelby Communications

Apelby is a global ICT provider of a wide range of telecommunications services, including inter-carrier voice and outsourcing services, technology and ICT solutions for retail customers. Since its founding in 2005, Apelby has expanded its presence in key geographies, captured a significant customer portfolio, and achieved growth in both revenue and core business offerings. For more information on Apelby Communications, please visit: website .

About Swammio Media

Swarmio Media (CSE: SWRM; OTC: SWMIF; GR: U5U) is a technology company focused on deploying Ember, a proprietary end-to-end gaming and esports platform. Ember enables telecom companies to monetize their gaming customers. Swarmio launched Ember as an add-on service that allows subscribers to access tournaments, join localized gaming communities, challenge friends and influencers, and earn points that can be used to purchase game content. We have partnerships with some of the telecommunications companies listed above. Ember is powered by Swarmio’s patented Latency-Optimized Edge Cloud (“LEC”) technology to reduce lag and ensure gamers enjoy an optimized gaming experience.

About Ember by Swarmio

Swarmio’s fully managed, plug-and-play Ember platform can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with major operators, allowing operators to attract and monetize gaming subscribers and provide immediate and meaningful access to gaming. can get access. $200 billion game market.

Ember provides a unique digital hub for the gaming community, enabling gamers to enjoy ultra-low latency play experiences, challenges and tournaments, exclusive gaming content, managed communities, gamification and points systems, online stores (Swarmio Store ), gamer e-wallets (Swarmio Pay), and personalized digital content.

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Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Information contained in this news release may contain forward-looking statements under applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements are statements about future events, not past events. In this context, forward-looking statements often refer to expected future business and financial performance and are often described as “anticipating,” “believing,” “planning,” Includes words such as “will”, “expect” and “intend”. an action or event “could”, “could”, “could”, “should” or “would” or other similar expressions take place or occur increase. All statements, other than statements of historical fact, contained herein include, but are not limited to: our growth and our ability to take advantage of major global opportunities in the gaming and esports market; statements regarding the capabilities of, and the expected benefits of, our partners and their customers; use of our products, ongoing discussions with potential new customers or partners and the potential for such discussions to result in additional contracts or revenues for us, our future plans, our ongoing capabilities; Our goals and expectations, including, but not limited to, entering into agreements to deploy products with international telecommunications companies and game publishers, and our ability to monetize these agreements by generating SaaS-based revenue , are forward-looking statements. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and actual results, performance or achievements or other future events, either expressed or implied by future results, performance or achievements. including other factors that may differ materially from those presented. such forward-looking statements. Such factors include, among others, the risks identified in the company’s long-term prospectus dated. November 10, 2021 (Accessible from your company profile. ). Forward-looking statements have been prepared based on management’s views, estimates and opinions as of the date the statements are made and, unless necessary, those views, estimates, opinions or other circumstances. The respective company undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements if Subject to applicable securities laws. Investors are cautioned against ascribed undue certainty to forward-looking statements.

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