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SURGE Teases Their NFT Collection, Which is Set to Become a Golden Ticket to Web3 | News

Los Angeles, February 3, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb /-Surge, a female-led community focused on educating and onboarding women and non-binary individuals to Web3, teases the NFT collection with the release of PFP Sneakpeak.

Founder Denise Schaefer When Juliet Chevalier The owner of the Surge Passport NFT said he would get a golden ticket to Web3.

“Surge has partnered with some of the top Web3 organizations in this collection. We are pleased to announce that each Surge NFT comes with a wealth of Web3 benefits for the female-centric community,” Schaefer said. Mr. says.

Surge Passports connect an ecosystem of enhanced opportunities, including but not limited to scholarships, discounts, mentorship, education subscriptions, whitelists, cohorts, bootcamps, conference tickets, stolen goods and other NFTs. ..

“We want to provide community skins in our games, and I think that’s the best way to learn,” Chevalier explained.

Surge passport and Web3

Surge was founded in October 2021 The team has been working tirelessly to open the door to Web3 and create opportunities for women and non-binary individuals.

In anticipation of ETH Denver, the Web3 conference to be held in February, Surge Her Dao Provide travel scholarships to 10 surgeons attending the conference.

Surge is also working with Hype Partners to offer five scholarships and priority access to the eight-week Hype Partners program, Supercharging Web3 Marketers.

In the NFT world, Surge has also partnered with Invisible College to provide Surgers with access to pre-sale of ICNFTs. Surgeons can create two Decentralien NFTs and have lifetime access to Invisible College courses, educational programs, and communities as long as they hold one Decentralien NFT.

“We believe in the power of NFTs to foster communities and are proud of the partnerships we have established so far. Our NFT collection will continue to build on this,” Schaefer said. I am saying.

When will the collection be released?

The Surge team is currently busy developing custom-built generative art algorithms and handmade designs. The Surge Passport NFT collection features a unique female PFP created entirely by Web3’s amazing team of females.

The collection will be ready to be coined during the first quarter of 2022.In the meantime, join the surge community discord To keep the latest partnership announcements and NFT sneak peaks up to date.

Feel free to contact us for more information. Or call me.

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