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‘Stranger Things’ Netflix NFTs Face Fan Backlash

Candy Digital, an NFT platform, has released another “Stranger Things” mini-game for Netflix. In this mini-game, players need to solve the mystery and win the show star NFT. However, some fans are not satisfied.

“Stranger Things” NFT Candy Digital’s 11,111 unique tokens Palm Blockchain- Ethereum Layer 2 Sidechain — Means ownership of one of the five digital posters.

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Back in April, Netflix quietly teased the NFT partnership Hidden message In the season 4 trailer of that hit original show.

Last week, about 4,700 players won a free NFT poster for Eleven, the lead of the show played by Millie Bobby Brown, by playing a mystery game that included a virtual “Stranger Things” lab.

A new round of mini-games will be live this week site.. The player is “I am the master of hellIs a riddle to win one of the four free NFT posters of Mike Wheeler, Jonathan Buyers, Will Buyers, or Argyle characters.

The reaction to the news was mixed. Some crypto enthusiasts and show fans said they enjoyed the mini-games.

Of those interested in earning NFTs, at least one “Stranger Things” fan reported that he repeatedly logged out of his account while trying to complete the challenge.

However, the Twitter account of “Stranger Things” share In last week’s NFT news, other fans were indignant.

“Do you think we care about NFTs?” One fan I have writtenWith a GIF of a man shooting a gun. Another “Stranger Things” fan wrote down NFT technology as a “gap.”

“I love Stranger Things, but I’m very disappointed that Netflix has decided that it’s a good idea to run NFTs on fans,” fans write. “I don’t go near this trash.”

“I’m once again asking Netflix to stop creating NFTs for my favorite show. I can’t handle the sadness,” another fan said. SaidSee Netflix’s previous Ethereum NFT, released for the science fiction show.Love, Death & Robot.. “

Others called NFTs say “BullshitEmoji vomiting When Crying GIFAnd to the companyFuck off.. “

The NFT repulsion is nothing new. In the video game industry, many were outraged by Ubisoft’s push. Tezos NFT When square EnixInterest in NFT games. Fans’ anger at NFT Cancel Of multiple indie games NFT integration..

Candy’s Netflix NFT and mini-games mark the first foray of the platform into Hollywood’s major partnerships. Prior to Netflix, Candy had a partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB). WWEWhen Getty Images..

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