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Storms’ Web3 Game Platform Kyō Collaborates with ImmutableX to Scale to Billion Users

Singapore, October 27, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — Singapore– Based hyper-casual mobile gaming company Storms today announced a partnership with ImmutableX as the Layer 2 solution for Kyō, the company’s upcoming Web3 gaming platform.

KYO – Web3 Hyper Casual Game

Named after a Japanese word meaning “joy, fun, entertainment”, Kyō is a social, hyper-casual game determined to bring a significant portion of the billions of gamers around the world to Web3. game platform. New to the benefits of decentralization and inclusivity of Web3 games, all of Kyo’s avatars and in-game assets are cast as fully carbon-neutral his NFTs. ethereum blockchain.

Synchronized with Storms’ studio vision of connecting billions of gamers to high-quality gaming content, it is also on a mission to provide frictionless Web3 access to 7 billion mobile users worldwide.[1] .

ImmutableX recognizes the size of the opportunity in front of them and will provide Kyo with the Web3 infrastructure it needs to scale quickly and securely via ZK rollup technology. Meanwhile, Kyo also makes it easier for traditional game developers to integrate, who are currently limited by the distribution economics of Web 2.0. Distribute the game via the Kyō platform.

This partnership comes at a time when mobile gaming is on the rise.Last year the sector was worth $131 billion and is expected to reach $173 billion[2] 2026. especially, Asia When it comes to mobile games, it is the fastest growing region and the highest revenue earner in the segment.

Powerful gaming achievements to bring to Web3

Kyō is Storms’ first venture in Web3, and its past success as an international gaming leader is undeniable. Since its inception in 2020, Storms has built a library of over 60 instant and native games, exclusively licensed valuable IP from Halfbrick Studios (Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyrides, etc.) developed a distribution network. of partners, aggregators, super apps, telcos, and brands.

Their most popular game, AZ Run, 12M More than an app download 250M The number of views of user-generated YouTube content is measured by a web-based instant gaming platform. 4M Recent monthly active users.

Support from strategic backers

Meanwhile, one of Kyo’s parent company Storms’ major investors is iCandy, Japan’s largest independent game developer. Southeast Asia It is backed by prominent shareholders such as Web3 game company Animoca Brands and Singtel, AIS and SK Telecom Group.

CEO of Storms and President of iCandy Web3 Gaming David Yingbrings decades of experience with top companies acquiring, driving and building mobile gaming pipelines, including business development leaders for Google Play Apps and Games. , and a Fortune 500 company.

Quality Web3 games lead the way

“From traditional games to Web3 games, Storms remains committed to delivering high-quality, frictionless gaming experiences to billions of players and we are delighted that ImmutableX shares the same vision. Thanks to ImmutableX’s unmatched scalability, zero gas bills, and easy-to-use API, the Kyo Gaming Platform is one step closer to empowering gamers with complete control over their in-game assets.” David YingCEO of Storms.

The Storms leadership team’s deep gaming knowledge has played an integral role in crafting Kyo’s ambitious vision.

When evaluating early-stage ventures, many investors bet on the founding team itself. The same goes for bringing new partners into her ImmutableX ecosystem.we are excited to work together today When storm‘s existing game library and experienced team are invaluable partners in bringing the next billion players to Web3 games. “- Robbie Fergusonco-founder and president of ImmutableX.

Alpha access for the Kyō platform will be available from early 2023. For more information, please visit the following URL:

About Storm

Storms are Singapore– Headquartered gaming company owned by strategic shareholders such as iCandy Interactive, AIS and SK Telecom. We are building a comprehensive ecosystem for Web 3 games where players around the world can be entertained and connected through high-quality hyper-casual gaming content.

For more information on Storm, please visit:



Media Contact: Daston Lam ([email protected])

about Immutable X

Immutable is the industry’s leading NFT issuing and trading platform, powering the next generation of web3 games through ImmutableX, the world’s first Layer 2 rapid scaling solution. ethereum.

ImmutableX now leverages ZK rollup technology. starkwarehas grown to become the leading platform for creating, trading and scaling web3 games and NFT projects. ethereum, providing builders and innovators with carbon-free and gas-free solutions with unlimited speed, scalability, security, and liquidity. ImmutableX is the platform of choice for world-class web3 games such as Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Embersword, Planet Quest and more.

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Media contact: Luke Richardson ([email protected])

[1]Inside telecom. (2020). Growing Smartphone Penetration in Emerging Markets.

[2] statistics. (2022). Market value of global mobile game content from 2011 to 2026

SOURCE Arashi; Immutable X


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