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Stan Lee’s ‘Chakra The Invincible’ Gets NFT Drop – Deadline

Exclusive: A Chakra Bath limited edition NFT Collection based on Indian superheroes Chakra invincibleWill be released later this month to celebrate the co-creator’s 99th birthday. Stanley..

The collection contains 7,000 independently generated Chakra Bath A work of art based on a cartoon character created by Lee Witt Sharad Debarajan And 10 years ago, Gotham Chopra straddles comics and comics.

“I have always been fascinated by Indian culture. It is very philosophical, rich in tradition and morality. I have written countless superheroes of all nationalities and regions of the world. Although I have created many heroes from other planets and galaxies, Chakra The Invincible is the first superhero I have created specifically for the Indian market, “says Lee. Return to 2012 and become a character.

NFT comes from Lee’s POWs!Entertainment and Devarajan Graphic india It was also invented in collaboration with technology company Orange Comet, in collaboration with and BeyondLife.Club. The auction will be held from December 27th to 29th. This dedicated website..

One of the technological trends that prevailed in 2021, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique, non-exchangeable unit of data normally stored in a digitally encrypted blockchain ledger. They effectively allow the buyer to own the digital image, but the image itself can be copied elsewhere without being affected.

“When I was young, Stan Lee’s work shaped my life and spoke to me in a way that other writers and creators have never had, and probably will, do. Being able to make a superhero was like being asked to draw a canvas in Da Vinci or write a poem in Shakespeare, which was one of the greatest joys of my life. . Graphic India.

“Our mission at Chakra was to bring together East and West ideas and create characters that transcend nationality and culture by speaking in the first language of human imagination. Digital NFT ownership of graphic novels. We hope that the opportunity to offer and allow many fans of Stan to share ownership of this new Chakraverse art collection will build a new community of NFT owners around the world. “

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