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Stan Lee superhero NFT announced, backlash ensues

Orange Comet announced an invincible chakra through Stanley’s Twitter account, but the internet wasn’t happy.

NFTs are still a fairly fresh concept and not something that many people care about. Many claim the benefits (or lack of) of NFTs, and it’s usually controversial when popular franchises and celebrities step into the world of blockchain collectibles. There was a lot of turmoil when Orange Comet used Stanley’s Twitter account to announce an NFT based on the characters created by the entertainment icon.

It was December 14th Twitter account Stanley, a recent cartoon icon, shared NFT news inspired by Indian superhero Chakraza Invincible, which was co-created with Lee, who debuted in 2013. .. To celebrate his innovative spirit, Stan’s first Indian hero, Chakra the Invincible, will make his debut in his own NFT (Digital Art) collection, “the tweet reads.

For obvious reasons, the tweet quickly received a lot of backlash. For one thing, NFT as a tribute to Stanley through his own Twitter account when it can be argued that the creator may not approve the controversial digital collection that is a non-fungible token. I feel dishonest to market. Others have also criticized them for trying to take advantage of the NFT epidemic by taking advantage of beloved pop culture figures like Stan Lee.

Because of this morning’s move, even the dictionary had to come to put the flames on the Orange Comet.

It will be interesting to see if the Orange Comet retreats and pulls the plan in the spill of hatred and repulsion that the Stanley NFT has suffered. It is also unclear to what extent Stan Lee’s property played a role in this decision.

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