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STALKER 2 Developers Announce They Will No Longer Use NFT [Update]

Update 3:23 pm PT: Less than an hour after posting and deleting tweets that justify the decision to incorporate NFT technology in the future Stalker 2, GSC Game World has released a follow-up statement announcing its withdrawal of use of NFTs.

“We listen to you,” GSC Gameworld wrote in a new statement. “Based on the feedback we received, we decided to cancel everything related to NFTs in STALKER 2,” the developer wrote.

GSC Game World was under close scrutiny by announcing the use of NFT technology in the next shooter. Critics say that NFTs in the game offer nothing concrete to players while fostering a highly speculative market. There are also environmental issues related to NFT energy consumption.

Check out the full statement from CSC Game World below.

original: STALKER 2: The heart of Chernobyl developer GSC Game World responded to that criticism Decided to include NFTs in future first-person shooters..

and Now-Delete Tweet From the official STALKER game account, GSC elaborated on the decision to include NFTs and asked fans to “listen to us and understand our reasons.” It’s unclear why GSC deleted the tweet shortly after it was posted Thursday afternoon, but the sentiment of the broad community. Looks negative, also Not enthusiastic at best..

Here is a screenshot of the deleted statement.

GSC says all the money GSC gets from selling NFTs will go to game development costs.

Read the “Why did you choose NFT?” Statement. “This is a new technology and we want to run NFTs correctly and give certain fans the opportunity to participate in the game without interfering with the experience of other players. Therefore, tokens are completely optional and we want to. Doesn’t affect gameplay or story (no weapons), quests, locations, etc., can only be activated before the game is released [date].. “

GSC states that it has created a number of NFTs for STALKER 2, but after successfully bidding on NFTs, if the owner has access to the GSC studio in Ukraine, the owner will be an in-game NPC. I have one token. The auction will take place in January 2022 and the winning bidder will receive an award that will be what GSC calls “metahuman” in STALKER 2. The winning bidder can also sell the prize tokens to others if he chooses.

Other NFTGSCs will include in-game item or architecture nicknames / player names, multiplayer mode gloves, tattoos, skins and badges, and collectable cards. GSC has partnered with the NFT Marketplace “DMarket” to promote auctions and collectable cards.

GSC added that their decision to partner with DMarket was influenced by the desire to minimize CO2 emissions and other harmful effects on the blockchain.

In other words, it seems that GSC is still implementing NFT in STALKER 2 when it is released in April 2022.

Ubisoft Quartz-Mechanism of NFT system using blockchain

NFTs quickly split and became a frequently ridiculed topic in the world of video games and technology.With a major studio Business like Ubisoft When The creator of the parable Peter Molyneux We have implemented NFTs in each game, such as simple cosmetics and more elaborate purchases.

“Hey, you don’t need an NFT or blockchain to pre-sell your own customized game,” said Gearbox founder and CEO Randy Pitchford. Tweet.. “I’m not interested in that because it’s like a bit of a version of ad placement, but it’s been done for years and NFTs don’t have to do it anyway-your job. love!”

in the meantime, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has unfriendly words about blockchain and NFT implementations, We call it “exploiting rather than entertainment”.

Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer of IGN.

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