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Spurs announce 1336 Coach Pop NFT Collection

Celebrate Popovich’s historic NBA coaching milestone.

San Antonio — Gregg Popovich of the Spurs has reached a historic moment in his NBA career and you can be part of it.

San Antonio Spurs has announced the “1,336 Coach Pop NFT Collection”. This is a special set of 1,336 non-fungible tokens celebrating Spurs head coach Popovich’s 1,336 career wins.

Each of the mint NFTs, featuring digital recreation of Popovich’s famous hand-painted playcards that helped the Spurs win the five NBA Championships, will be available at OpenSea on March 14th. .. 100% of all revenue goes to San Antonio Food Bank.

Popovich defeated Utah 104-102 on Friday night, achieving 1,336 wins in his career to become the strongest head coach in NBA history.

Coach Pop has won the league anal’s most regular season after passing Don Nelson (1,335 wins), which has been a record since 2010. After starting his career as an assistant coach at the Spurs from 1988 to 1992, Popovich went to Golden as an assistant coach under Nelson for two seasons of the State Warriors-San Antonio Spurs famous for being featured on the NFT. I introduced the play card.

Each of the 1,336 animated NFTs features a random combination of five hand-painted plays from Popovich and five Spurs Court designs that acted as floors for each of his 26 seasons in San Antonio. .. Iconic Spurs plays such as “Loop Shields” and “Lock and Lob” created by San Antonio leaders are combined with classic courts such as “Spurs Icon” and “Original Spurs Fiesta Logo”, with coach pop signatures on each NFT. It contains.

In honor of Popovich’s five titles, the first five of 1,336 are independent as separate one-on-one NFTs featuring a completely unique play and court combination. These five special NFTs have been auctioned to the highest bidders, including an original hard copy of Popovich’s hand-signed playcards and a unique face-to-face VIP Spurs experience in the next San Antonio game. increase. season.

The first five combinations of playing cards and coats:

  • Loop Shield x Spurs Icon
  • Side Out of Bounds 212 x Throwback Spurs Primary Logo
  • 5 Down Strong x Slow Back Spurs Wordmark
  • Rock and Rob x Fiesta Spurs Icon
  • Circle Blu x Original Spurs Fiesta logo

The remaining 1,331 of the 1,336 will be sold at 0.1 ETH per piece, and each NFT will be a random playcard and court created based on the percentage of Popovich wins that occur on each of San Antonio’s five home floors. It features a variety of distributions. & Black played during his tenure at Coach Pop.

Exclusively available on NFT’s first and largest market, OpenSea, Ethereum can only be used to bid or buy an exclusive piece of basketball history. Fans will need to set up an OpenSea account and a crypto wallet such as a MetaMask wallet to participate. Spurs has partnered with Cartos to cast the collection. After purchase, the collection can be traded or resold in the market of the owner’s choice.

Continuing Spurs’ long-standing relationship with the San Antonio Food Bank, all pennies of revenue from on-sale and future transactions are to cultivate the fight and hope for hunger in the city of Alamo and the southwestern Texas community. It will be sent directly to a non-profit organization.

The “1,336 CoachPop NFT Collection” auction will be held on Monday, March 14th at 9am (CT) and until Thursday, March 17th at 9pm (CT). remaining NFTs will be sold at the same time.

twitter: @ KENS5, @ JeffGSpursKENS5

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