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Spellfire Creates 100 Rare NFT Cards to Sell on OpenSea – Sponsored Bitcoin News

First limited edition of Spellfire The NFT card has already arrived on the OpenSea shelves. Spellfire NFTs have a unique combination of features that cannot be compared to anything else on the market. The new concept combines proven games with a modern twist to create a unique collection experience for virtual and physical assets, generate lifetime revenue, and have a great time playing your beloved fantasy games.

Is the team good at their job?

  • Obtained by Spellfire Top investors Within a few hours.
  • The physical game is about 70% complete.
  • Over 20 people have focused on the game, creating a new world of Spellfire for almost four years.
  • Over 100 newly created cards are already Sale at OpenSea..
  • Digital games are growing rapidly in Unity.
  • The app’s augmented reality card shows that movement.
  • New characters, realms and event cards join the game every day.
  • discord When telegram The community is booming.
  • Heading BitcoinNews, Dappradar, Zycrypto, AMBcrypto, etc.
  • The story of Spellfire slowly lies on the page of the novel.
  • A multilingual plan for the community has been formed.

Yes, they are good.

Why buy NFTs for players?

The NFT card is investment + play = Play-To-Earn. There are the same cards as physical and digital assets. When the game card is ready, charge the purchased NFT and bring the physical card to home / tournament play. The same card is played online and offline and you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy both.

The money you pay for NFTs will generate income. Earn 90% from the sales of card copies issued as simple playing cards.

Why did the team use NFTs on Spellfire?

Spellfire needs to revitalize the market. Introducing great games from a completely different perspective, including new approaches, is a hit in all media headlines. It’s a pioneer like never before, and a concept like never before.

Join Rare Sale of Spellfire NFT. Grab them. Bring the game back to the hearts of card collectors, bring it back to the table, and build new play on PC and mobile.

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