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Soulbound Tokens Could Make NFT Ecosystem ‘Collaborative and Fun’, Says Ethereum Co-Founder

The Non-substitutable The token (NFT) ecosystem has increased significantly in value thanks to the uniqueness of Peace.However, according to Vitalik Buterin, one of the co-founders of EthereumIn some cases, you may need to remove the transferability of tokens so that your Web3.0 space is “not money-focused”.

Buterin recently Release A blog post comparing the online game “World of Warcraft” and how to do it NFT It works today. According to him, one of the best things about this game is ” Soul bound Do not allow the transfer of “items” Owned Make the game more “challenging and entertaining” from one player to another.

Can NFTs be completely irreplaceable?

Ethereum co-founder pointed out the latest twitter NFT function that allows users to show off expensive works of art as profile pictures.

“But what exactly are these NFTs signaling?” He writes: “Sure, part of the answer is some skill to get an NFT and know which NFT to get. But since NFTs are tradable items, another big part of the answer. Inevitably, NFTs are about wealth signaling. “

He proposed proof of the Attendance Protocol (POAP). event Other NFTs only show off their price tags, so users have personally participated.In addition, Buterin share His personal POAP profile shows all the small and major events he has attended since 2015.

Which tokens need to be “bound to the soul”?

According to Buterin, governance tokens need to be tied to the soul, and their transferability can cause major problems. He pointed out two important points.

  • The rich can easily buy vote Rights from someone, even if the goal is to distribute power widely.
  • The same is true for incompetent people if there is competition for more power.

“If you take the saying,” The person who wants to control a person is the least suitable person to do it, “he said, he should doubt the transferability.” “To be precise, transferability creates governance power for power-hungry people who are most likely to cause problems, away from the meek ones who are most likely to provide valuable information to governance. Because. “

Buterin is mainly transferable Web 3.0 And how does this affect the long-term sustainability of the next generation of the Internet? While there are good uses for buying and selling NFTs, such as “financing artists and charities,” the shortcomings need to be taken into account.

Applying soul bondage to NFTs requires a lot of effort and technical knowledge from the beginning, but “opens a wider door to the blockchain at the heart of a collaborative and fun ecosystem, not just money. can do”.

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