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Soccer Metaversum launches on 18 December 2021 on OpenSea

Do you have your own land in SoccerCity? You only need the Soccer Metaversum and the NFT collection of digital properties. NFTs will be available for purchase on OpenSea starting December 18th.

Germany- Of the many technologies we are constantly developing, the world of DeFi is the most talked about. As the world rapidly transitions to a decentralized financial (DeFi) space, everyone can benefit from the numerous opportunities offered by such advanced technologies. Soccer Metaversum is a virtual world and has become a hot topic in DeFi space for a variety of reasons.

Soccer Metaversum recently got a lot of attention with its land-based NFT in Soccer City at XIS7 World. By owning land in SoccerCity, you can personally benefit from the NFT collection. Getting the best location in SoccerCity will inevitably step into the future of Geo-NFT.

Owns a digital land in Soccer metaverse We provide great opportunities for each individual. Build a house on your land, offer it, and meet with friends and partners. Alternatively, lend it to a company that pays monthly rent and earn more at the turnover rate. In addition to that, you also get basic monthly care generated from the ecosystem.

Alternatively, you may want to profit from rising land prices in Soccer City by trading real estate in a decentralized marketplace. These prices are based on the concept of urban development and urbanization, and inevitably for each property, especially if they are near superstar villas, brand shops and sports arenas made for enthusiastic sports enthusiasts. The value will increase. You can also benefit from the digitization of football!

Widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world, Iker Casillas has won a total of 19 trophies as a 25-year goalkeeper, including one World Cup and two European Championships. Imagine living near Iker Casillas and being able to meet him in person. This dream can be your reality. Early on, Iker realized the great benefits of owning real estate in Soccer City. There are 12 properties in the VIP area where the land of celebrities like him is located.

SoccerCity We recognize the demand for tradable NFTs and the benefits offered to our enthusiastic fans. When you purchase a land in SoccerCity, you will receive a special NFT, a booster package up to 9.600 m², and an airdrop of land. Receive Dcores resources and agricultural rewards in the future. Benefit from the increase in values ​​determined by the size of the location and property. What’s more, you can also access Meet & Greet Iker Casillas!

Using blockchain technology, the great partnership between SoccerCoin and XIS7 Metaversum has brought new sources of revenue to sports fans around the world.

Enter the world of NFT. On December 18th, you can get you SoccerCity NFT At OpenSea.

For more information, please visit the Soccer City website.

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