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Snapask Reveals the Future of Education By Building a Metaverse of “Planet of the Plants”

The “Planetary Planet” Metaverse reveals the future of human civilization, where our minds and souls are united. We are entering a new world where education is no longer restricted by means, place, language, or time. We believe that technology will evolve to a level where you can choose to live in a virtual world simply by connecting to a virtual space “neural network” that unites the individual minds. Accessing Neuralnet gives you quick access to all kinds of information and knowledge without barriers.

“Educational transformation is no longer the skill or knowledge we need to learn, but the way we acquire it. Because every plant in Metaverse resembles part of knowledge and brings knowledge, culture and history. Snapask is a world leader in the future of education. ” Mr. Timothy YouFounder and CEO of Snapask.

“Planet of Plants” is an Ethereum-based virtual game that allows players to perform various tasks in exchange for nutrients to grow plants in a virtual world. In the first chapter, we introduced the background story and the relationship between the main character and plants. The NFT casting and gaming mechanics will be announced on the project website in the next phase.

About the Plant Planet (POTP)

Developed by Snapask, “Planet of the Plants” is an Ethereum-based virtual game that reveals the future of education. Players can perform a variety of tasks in exchange for the nutrients that grow plants in the virtual world. The Planet of the Plants wants to foster a community that has a vast worldview where education is no longer bound by physical means, reveals human civilization, grows from the new means of knowledge transfer, and benefits. increase.

Official website: planetoftheplants.com

High seas: https://opensea.io/planetoftheplants

About Snapask

Snapask is a 24/7 one-stop learning platform with over 4.7 million student users and excellent tutors who provide personalized homework assistance. The company also offers a multimedia library of learning content and courses to enrich the learning experience.It is available at Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, KoreaVietnam and Metaverse, 350,000 qualified teachers around the world provide your service.

Official website: https://snapask.com/en-hk

Source Snapask


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