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SMUGGLEBOT Introduces The SMUGGLEVERSE, A New Way to NFT Offering Exclusive Presale Access at NFT Expoverse

Cut and stack NFTs to solve the hold / sale dilemma.

SMUGGLVERSE, a new way to NFT

SMUGGLEVERSE has partnered with NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles to offer exclusive pre-sale access

Los Angeles, California, United States, July 26, 2022 / GLVERSE, the first NFT marketplace that combines proprietary cutting and stacking technology with virtual smuggling and avatar recording artists, NFT Expoverse To provide exclusive pre-sale access to attendees of the event at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 29th to 31st.

SMUG GLEVERSE Launching Metaverse’s Most Popular Digital Cannabis Stock, CRYPTONYTEWith its first music “Cryptonyte Smugglers Anthem” by NFT-SMUG GLEBOT.

A total of £ 20 of the 935 NFT CRYPTONYTE collection will be released across nine different quantities / shortages, ranging from kilos dropping 1: 1 to 420 digital joints. There is only 20 pounds of CRYPTONYTE, and the total supply decreases with each joint burn.
Pre-sale access for SMUGGLEVERSE will be available at booth # 715 at the Los Angeles NFT Expoverse. Here, participants can also connect with the founders and teams behind music and technology.

The founders of SMUGGLVERSE specialize in the evolution of NFTs in the cannabis and music industry, and how NFTs and Metaverse will impact the future of the entertainment industry as they begin developing their first IRL / Metaverse hybrid feature films. We also share knowledge.

NFT Expoverse is an educational three-day event that shows how blockchain technology is transforming the world. This event is set up for both newcomers and professionals. Top blockchain industry leaders will come together to showcase a series of educational seminars, keynotes, and a number of exhibitors who will showcase some of the blockchain industry’s most innovative and cutting-edge products.

This large event is supported by a prominent sponsor who believes in and commits to its success. Support from these great companies has helped make NFT Expoverse the largest and most accessible mass adoption blockchain event of the year.

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SMUGGLEVERSE is the ERC-721 NFT Marketplace on the Polygon blockchain, where anyone with a MetaMask wallet can buy and sell digital cannabis and music NFTs. These NFTs symbolize “digital” cannabis. It is just a virtual object and has no rights or rights to the actual cannabis substance. For more information, please visit the following URL:

About ZJ event
The main goal of the ZJ event was to always create top-notch events in the country and collect the best in the industry under the same roof. The team strives to provide all participants with a fun and thrilling experience that facilitates business networking. NFT Expoverse is one of a variety of industry-specific events created by the ZJ Event Team.

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