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Smart Contract Tokens, Defi Economy See Strong Growth, Market Capitalization Swells by $78 Billion in 30 Days – Defi Bitcoin News

Smart contract tokens and the decentralized financial economy rose and fell against the US dollar last month. The market capitalization of the smart contract platform token economy has increased by $78 billion over the past 30 days, from $243 billion to $321 billion today. Additionally, the total value locked in decentralized finance (defi) increased by $5.39 billion over the same timeframe.

Smart contract tokens drive double-digit profits, led by Oneledger, Harmony and Waves

It has been a harsh crypto winter, to say the least, and crypto assets have taken a big hit after numerous bankruptcies and bankruptcies within the industry.Latest and one of them the most tragic explosion Last year, 67 days ago, FTX went bankrupt and the company submitted For bankruptcy protection on November 11, 2022.The crypto economy is his last two weeks in November and Decemberand a lackluster year-end holiday market performance exacerbated the situation.

Smart Contract Token, Defi Economy Sees Strong Growth, Market Cap Swells to $78 Billion in 30 Days
Token economy data for smart contract platforms on January 17, 2023, according to statistics.

About 30 days ago, on December 18, 2022, the smart contract token economy was $243 billion, and a large amount of coins have lost considerable value. Ethereum (ethereum) fell 6.1% over the week, while Cardano (ADA) fell 14.4%.

All 10 major smart contract coins fell by double digits against the US dollar that week. But last month, the smart contract platform’s token economy grew by his $78 billion, worth everything as of January 17, 2023. $321 billion.

Total locked value of decentralized finance increases by $5.39 billion in one month

smart contract token Last week’s big moves include oneledger (OLT), harmony (ONE), waves (WAVES), solana (SOL), fantom (FTM), and avalanche (AVAX). The aforementioned smart contract token increased 37.2% against the US dollar to 53.7% in value in 7 days. Notable smart contract coin gainers this week include Holo (HOT), Ronin (RON), Persic (PRQ) and Immutable x (IMX). Last month’s rise in smart contract tokens also impacted decentralized finance statistics.

Smart Contract Token, Defi Economy Sees Strong Growth, Market Cap Swells to $78 Billion in 30 Days
Total Value (TVL) Locked in Decentralized Finance (defi) on Jan 17, 2023, according to statistics.

Current, defining statistics From December 18, 2022 to January 17, 2023, or 30 days, total defi locked value (TVL) increased by $5.39 billion. At the time 30 days ago, defi’s TVL was about $39.9 billion and has since grown to $45.29 billion. The largest and most dominant defi protocol on January 17th is liquid staking solution Lido.

defi protocol Lido The overall TVL size is approximately $7.81 billion, or 17.2% of the $45.29 billion TVL. Most of Lido’s rise came from Ether’s 20.6% rise against the US dollar. The same is true for defi TVL as a whole, as this growth is highly correlated with the double-digit profits earned by smart contract tokens last month.

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