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Singapore Based KarineDAO Launches NFT Collection to Drive

Singapore, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Singapore-based Karine DAO is proud to announce the launch of the NFT Collection Project to promote women’s empowerment.

In fact, NFTs are relatively new in the digital space and have a huge impact on the world of digital currencies.according to Data from FortunlyIn 2021, NFT art sales were 1,538,000, and the annual sales of art exceeded 11 million.

A Recent research Shows that women make up only 16% of the NFT market and men make up the majority. KarineDAO I’m trying to improve.

What is KarineDAO?

The KarineDAO project is a set of 1515 digital NFT collections known as Karine NFTs that will be cast on March 17, 2022.

Every Karine NFT has its own set of properties that provides specific benefits to each NFT owner. One of the main benefits is that it allows owners to take advantage of Karine’s businesses, partnerships, and collaborations from other companies, both local and global brands.

Karine DAO’s mission

To promote diversity and increase the number of women participating in NFT spaces, Karine’s main mission is to empower more female entrepreneurs around the world through innovation and the power of the community.

The company is guided by three core principles:

1. To get more women into the NFT industry- KarineDAO’s goal is to increase the number of female NFT collectors and traders to take advantage of this new technology.

2.2. To foster a sense of community among members- KarineDAO seeks to help members learn and earn in the industry by tokenizing their own content, thereby helping them realize their dreams.

3.3. Run a member’s business- The KarineDAO Tank Series aims to support and potentially fund women’s empowerment-driven startups. Shared resources enhance Karine’s network to add value to these supported projects.

Karine DAO supports companies that empower women

Support for KarineDAO NFT gives owners access to a series of “Karine DAO tank” styles for women’s empowerment. KarineDAO welcomes the business ideas of all NFT holders as long as they support the purpose of women’s empowerment.

The finalist Karine DAONFT holders will present their ideas to the Karine DAO community. Then they collectively vote for the projects they want to support.

“Projects selected by the owner have full access to my company’s resources and partner support,” Karine added. “The Karine DAO team invites project advisors to provide business advice, networking access, and resources.”

Karine DAO learns and grows together from NFT

Purchasing a KarineDAO NFT also provides NFT holders with exclusive training in entrepreneurship and personal development. In the process, they will learn how to create their own NFTs, launch them using the NFT platform, and finally enter the NFT industry.

Karine’s dream is for NFT holders to “learn and grow together.” She hopes that by empowering them to launch their own NFTs, they will continue to enjoy passive income in the future.

KarineDAO NFT holders get ultra-exclusive merchandise and discounts

Another unique advantage that KarineDAO NFT holders get is custom-made products.

“This is something that no other NFT currently offers,” Karine said.

NFT holders can vote for the products they want to create. This includes cosmetics, skin care, supplements, or lifestyle and health related products. Once selected, the Karine factory in South Korea will create these specially designed products for NFT holders. These will not be sold to the general public.

“The most amazing part is that you can choose,” Carine added. “”You are part of the project. The experience is different from shopping online or buying things from the shelves. “

KarineDAO NFT holders also receive special discounts and discounts from Karine’s brand partners.

“I love wine, so if any of our owners show our partner brands our NFTs, they can get a special discount on their purchases,” Karine said. Added.

Karine DAO drives business growth

Karine wants to support a business where more people empower women. “I love helping people, so why not work on helping like-minded people realize their dreams, create them, and grow their business? This is far more for me as an individual. It has added value and is fulfilling. ”Carine shared.

The project also wants to provide both men and women with a place to belong to the NFT space.

“I wanted to take my community and women to the NFT space and let them see that companies should add value to each other and not treat each other as competitors,” Carine said. Told. “If we don’t share resources and networks, we won’t grow. That is why I want to give these values ​​more to the community. Non-entrepreneurial members can join our community to learn and grow together. “


KarineDAO was founded by beauty veteran Karine Cheong, who won the Asia Success Achiever in 2016/2017. With over 10 years of experience in the beauty and health industry, Carine has a solid track record of building several successful businesses in Southeast Asia.

The other core member of the team is Hong Qi Yu, Karine DAO’s project advisor and CEO of Tokenize Xchange. The project is also supported by Alson Chia, Karine DAO’s project manager and Head of Operations and Transactions for Tokenize Xchange, and William Charlton, Karine DAO’s community manager for business development for Tokenize Xchange.

Official announcement

Karine NFT will be available on on March 17, 2022. Join KarineDAO’s discord and support the drive and cause.

About Karine DAO

KarineDAO – Build an influential community through you.Empowered to send more women to the NFT space and support entrepreneurship

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