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ShowMeta Testnet Mining is Live! Join Now to Qualify for Mining

Web3.0 games and the metaverse continue to be hot topics in the cryptocurrency industry, and their adoption rate is growing. After the implementation of blockchain technology, people are enjoying improved accessibility and optimized gaming experience. It offers a new game perspective through an integrated system. In the era of Web3.0 based games, everyone can be a creator and get rewarded based on their contribution to the platform.

Inheriting the concept of Web3.0, ShowMetawas launched as a Web3.0-based gaming platform that allows players to access their favorite Web3.0 games and the Metaverse in one place.

ShowMeta: Play, create and interact in Web 3.0 games and the metaverse

In traditional game spaces, players purchase their own in-game assets. Yet they are not the actual owners of the assets. However, Web 3.0 offers a game model that puts greater power in the player’s hands through ownership and interoperability, offering full ownership of assets as NFTs and seamlessly moving items between multiple games. You can also. You can sell these NFTs on the secondary market and turn them into investments.

ShowMeta fully adopts the Web3.0-based game model, providing a platform for players to enjoy a smooth Web3.0 game and Metaverse experience while interacting with other players in one place. ShowMeta allows players to earn in-game assets as her NFTs and crypto. Participate in the platform development decision-making process.

Unlike many gaming platforms, ShowMeta allows players to start playing games without any investment. Over time, the platform will allow players to create their free NFTs and purchase premium NFTs to unlock more exciting features to enhance their gaming experience in the Web3 universe. .

ShowMeta is Steam for Web3.0

ShowMeta is a Web3.0 stream that connects players by enabling them to discover and play blockchain-based games of various genres. The platform is an open EVM-based framework built on Polygon, Immutable X and StarkWare. Give your players a Web2.0-like onboarding experience with the Torus wallet.

ShowMeta is an open economy where players can participate in cross-game activities within the ShowMeta ecosystem, experiencing a fun and engaging game-filled environment. Above all, the platform frees users from the usual blockchain complexity and performance issues.

ShowMeta sign-up airdrop campaign and Mystery Box giveaway was a huge success

Hosted by ShowMeta sign up airdrop The October 2022 campaign will allow users to win 200,000 $SHOW tokens worth $400,000. Survival shovels were to be distributed only to her first 2,000 wallets to be registered. The duration of his campaign was from 15 to 25 October. People showed great interest in the campaign and he received over 36,000 submissions from all over the world. The list of winners was immediately shared with the community and prizes were distributed to the winners immediately.

On November 7, 2022, ShowMeta launched another event. mystery box giftWith this giveaway, users can win a Mystery Box containing a $1,000 SR Hero NFT, a $10,000 SSR Hero NFT, or a $100 Survival Excavator NFT. Users can invite their friends to register on the platform and earn Mystery Boxes. The odds of winning a Mystery Box were proportional to the number of users invited to the platform.

ShowMeta testnet mining is now live!

ShowMeta launch announced on November 15, 2022 Testnet mining soon.

ShowMeta test mining will be live from November 17th to December 16th, 2022. All users who receive the NFT airdrop can participate in mining.the user is log in Search for one of the 10 invite codes below. To qualify for mining, you must bind your SSR invitation code.











For testnet mining, ShowMeta allocated 200,000 $SHOW as $400,000 worth of revenue to be handed out at this event.

Join ShowMeta You can now qualify for mining. Visit their website page and download the game to mine:

Mining Tutorial:

ShowMeta has fully integrated tokennomics, allowing you to balance gameplay and profitability

ShowMeta has great tokenomics that are fully integrated to balance gameplay and profitability. ShowMeta has an in-game currency, $SHOW, with a total supply of 42,000,000. 50% of the total supply will be allocated for mining. The platform has his DAO governance. Revenue generated by the platform will be used to buy back and burn $SHOW.

The $SHOW token is synthesized from any two primitives on the ShowMeta platform: Spice, Energy and Crystal. All of the ShowMeta ecosystem is made up of these three elements, with a daily production of up to 14,400.

Users can combine different in-game equipment with different PL values ​​for each equipment level. Elements can be collected via PL. The higher the PL value, the higher the percentage. You can also buy and sell these synthesized elements through a user-operated platform.

ShowMeta has 3 different NFTs with special properties

ShowMeta has 3 different NFTs: SSR Hero NFT, SR Hero NFT, and Survival Shovel NFT, each with their own unique characteristics.

50% of the revenue generated by the platform will be allocated to SR NFT. Users with SSR NFTs can get a 15% mining bonus, 10% equipment synthesis consumption $SHOW, and publish their metaverse projects on the ShowMeta platform.

ShowMeta has a bright future and a promising roadmap

Although ShowMeta is in its early stages, it is progressing rapidly and attracting the attention of players and developers from various countries around the world. ShowMeta has a promising and clear roadmap for establishing itself in the future. 8 billion People use crypto.

At the beginning of 2023, ShowMeta plans to launch 25 games on its platform and work on ShowMeta 2.0 to provide users with an enhanced gaming experience by increasing inter-game interactions such as PVP and joint missions. . In addition, the platform has a great team of industry experts and potential partners from NGC, Spark, Binance, KuCoin, etc.

ShowMeta is on a mission to provide users with the best Web3.0 gaming experience while allowing them to interact with the ever-growing Metaverse space. The platform works very well due to our continuous interaction with our rapidly growing community on various social media platforms.

joining ShowMeta Be part of the future of robust Web3.0-based gaming in the future!

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