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Seven Blocks Reorganized On Ethereum Beacon Chain

Important point

  • The Ethereum Beacon Chain has undergone a deep reorganization of 7 blocks.
  • The developers claim that the error is due to old client software and known bugs.
  • The merger is still tentatively scheduled for August.

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The Ethereum Beacon chain has undergone a seven-block reorganization, raising concerns about merging.

“There is nothing systematic”

Today, seven blocks have been reorganized in the Ethereum Beacon Chain.

Beacon scan show At Epoch 121471 on May 25, blocks 3887075 to 3887081 diverged from the chain from 08:55:23 to 08:56:35 AM in UTC. It was noticed by Martin Koppelman. Posted about it Twitter after two and a half hours.

Köppelmann criticized “the current authentication strategy for nodes” and later pointed out that Ethereum has not experienced a seven-block reorganization on the mainnet for years.His tweet is response Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, said the client team is already working on fixing the issue.

Among the hypotheses is that of Ethereum developer Preston van Rune. suggestion The fork is that it was caused by “significant segmentation of updated client software and older client software”. This was also a theory shared by Mehdi Zerouali, co-founder of Sigma Prime. Cryptographic briefingAdded that it is “nothing systematic” and “a combination of known bugs”.

The reorganization takes place as Ethereum prepares to update the consensus mechanism from Proof of Work in the long-awaited transition known as “Merge.” The upgrade is expected to combine the current blockchain with the Proof of Stake Beacon chain, especially reducing ETH token emissions by about 90%.

merge, According to Van RuneAlthough tentatively scheduled for August, Buterin states that it is more conservative and can occur in September or October. The team has been criticized for its multiple delays.

Disclosure: At the time of writing this, the author of this work owned ETH and other cryptocurrencies.

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