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Seth Green Pays $300K to Recover His Stolen Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

Actor Seth Green Boring Ape Yacht Club According to the NFT who lost the phishing attack last month BuzzFeed News report. Green is reported to have paid NFT 165 Ether (more than $ 295,000 at current prices) after being sold to collectors.

In total, 4 greens NFT Value over $ 300,000 Stolen Not only did it cost about $ 200,000 to buy, including Bored Ape NFT # 8398 last month, it was also intended to be the star of Green’s next TV show, White Horse Tavern.

Appearing on Thursday Twitter space In a chat, Green confirmed that the NFT was “at home.” Transaction record Indicates that the funds have been sent from a wallet managed by Green to NFT collectors, variously known as “Mr. Cheese” and “Dark Wing 84”, via the crypto escrow platform NFT Trader.collector Claim Purchasing an NFT “in good faith” after being scammed when Green tried to create an NFT on a fake site. Late May, green Threatened Legal action against previous Dark Wing 84 confirmation That he made contact with the collector.

Currently, the NFT Marketplace OpenSea has left a flag to report Bored Ape # 8398 as “suspicious activity”. This means that NFTs are frozen and cannot be bought or sold on the marketplace. So why Green turned to NFT Trader to make a deal with Dark Wing 84.

Boring Ape NFT and IP

It’s not immediately clear why DarkWing84 persuaded the NFT to return to its original owner (apart from money), but the events surrounding the story. Questions raised Regarding intellectual property (IP) rights granted by NFT ownership.

Under the licensing rules applicable to the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT series, the collection creator Yuga Labs owns the brand’s copyright, while the company uses images owned by the individual NFT owners. Has a wide range of licenses for. Unlimited worldwide license to use, copy and view purchased art. NFT owners use these licenses to create Bored Ape branded content and businesses. restaurant To band..

However, these rules do not take into account NFTs that have been stolen and later resold, so there is speculation that Green will not be able to proceed with the scheduled TV show.

Actor himself I was confident Since his NFT is considered a stolen art, no one who buys it has “the right to legally use the underlying IP”.

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