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Sequel to Iconic RPG Ni No Kuni to Feature NFT Integration and Play-to-Earn Mechanics – News Bitcoin News

Ni no Kuni’s new work, brought to you by the independent game Studio Level-5 and animated by Studio Ghibli, has been released with blockchain elements. Designed for mobile and PC platforms, the game introduces a token system that allows players to spend their revenue outside the game and will have NFT support in the future.

“Nino Kuni: Cross World” becomes a blockchain

More and more game developers are including blockchain and play-to-earning elements in their games as a means of innovation and player empowerment. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, a new sequel to the acclaimed RPG franchise developed by Japan’s independent studio Level-5, has announced that it will use NFTs and tokens to establish its own gaming economy. ..

A game featuring Studio Ghibli animations and five different characters, each with different attributes and stories, using these elements to enrich the player’s experience.According to the people concerned page Of the game:

Our goal is to emphasize the essential elements of fun in the game and create a token economy structure that benefits both players and token holders.

In addition, the company added that these tokens are used to “avoid speculative presales and NFT prereleases.”

Token economy and reception

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds designed the token economy using a dual token system. Players can acquire two types of resources in the game: Territe and Asterite. Players can redeem these resources for the corresponding Territe and Asterite tokens, and the company will provide the redemption function.

The game also builds a roadmap around these blockchain elements, betting on tokens to be launched in the third quarter and NFT content included in the game in the fourth quarter. However, the format of this NFT integration is undefined.

The inclusion of this blockchain and NFT element is negative received Some franchise fans are angry with the new mechanics used at level 5 to enhance the game. Other projects that have tried or showed interest in including such elements in their games, such as Ubisoft and GSC Games Faced with repulsion..

However, companies like Square Enix Introduced These innovations as part of a business plan. The president of the company various chance..

What do you think about the introduction of the blockchain and NFT elements in Ni no Kuni? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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