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SBF: Three Arrows Crisis ‘Couldn’t Have Happened’ with Transparent On-Chain DeFi

Through Twitter, Sambankman Fried has taken part in the current three-arrows capital crisis, and FTX founder and CEO said:Couldn’t happen I used a transparent on-chain protocol. “

Singapore-based crypto investment firm 3AC last week bankruptcy Allegedly Cannot handle margin calls According to several lenders, including BlockFi and the financial services company Genesis. Financial Times..

Researchers also claimed through Twitter that the company had a $ 264 million loan and a $ 35 million combined loan with Aave.

Transactions have not been confirmed, but several major lenders to 3AC, including crypto exchange BitMEX, have been launched Liquidate their positionWhile the portfolio company is away from the hedge fund.

Bankman-Fried’s suggestion is Tweet Ask industry figures “the best way to prevent the 3AC moment from happening again”. The CEO said the top priority was not to “keep everyone down” but to keep institutional credit transparent to individual investors.

FTX CEO saidRegulation helps hereBefore following up with “DeFi, too,” the transparent on-chain DeFi app wouldn’t have been able to add a crisis.

Zhu Su and Kyle Davies, founders of the three Arrows Capital, Ghosting the public After their social media accounts have been inactive for a few days.

Zhu finally broke Twitter’s silence on Wednesday, admitting that there was a problem with the hedge fund, but didn’t go into details.

On friday, Davis The Wall Street Journal Part 3 AC hired legal and financial counsel “to help find solutions for investors and lenders.” He mentioned several options, including asset sales and bailouts by other companies.

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