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Saudi princess launches first NFT on Opensea marketplace

Princess Saudi Arabia, daughter of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia Ream Alfaisal On February 6th, she announced the launch of her first Saudi Arabian Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection at OpenSea and the Metaverse art gallery. NFT collection According to, one of the princesses was called Mecca, and Medina was named after Saudi Arabia’s most sacred city.There are a total of 15 NFTs in the collection
Makkah and Madina NFT The collection features the sacred pilgrimage Arcaba, and six Saudi artists are featured in the Metaverse Art Gallery. The six Saudi artists featured are Nora Al-Ghai Lulu, Mariam Al-Atic, Shard Al-Ghais, Noah Al-Omeira, ASMR Al-Ghai and Trafa Al-Corder. Each of these NFTs costs 0.2 ETH.
Reem is a renowned art and documentary photographer and owner of Dubai’s Sky Quarter Photo Gallery. The princess is also the author of the photo book. Reem Al Faisal expressed delight in the launch of her first NFT and posted on her Instagram account that she would add a new chapter to her long career as a photographer, which began as a child. .. She added that her photographs are a way of expressing her faith. She said she used her photographs to show the manifestations of God in nature and humans and the relationship between humans and the Creator.
The Saudi princess said: “Today we made history at the first exhibition of Saudi NFTs in the Metaverse. I’ve been taking pictures since I was a kid, so I don’t really think about it as a career. Talking and breathing. It’s as natural as it is. ”Reem holds a photography degree from the Speos Photography School in Paris, France. Inspired by her cultural background, Reem, a professional photographer, focuses on Islamic art.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is supporting the digital economy and announced on February 1 that more than US $ 6.4 billion in investment in future technology and entrepreneurship will further secure the kingdom’s position as the largest digital economy in the Mena region. did.
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