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Samurai Saga – NFT Collection Announces All Holders Will

Los Angeles, CA, USA, January 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-After sold out mint, the NFT Collection has announced that Samurai NFTs will be available for open world games.

Samurai Saga owners are looking forward to a “witcher” type open world game where you can hang out with your friends and fight monsters with your favorite NFT characters. With the trailer available on their website, the game is very close to bearing fruit, with owners expected to be able to play a demo version of the game in February.

In addition to a fully functional game with world-class graphics, collectors should also consider the NFT collection for the following reasons:
1. Profit from sold out mint is invested directly in the project and holding a Samurai NFT can reward collectors for longevity and rewards.
2. All samurai holders will drop the 3D version of the samurai used in the game in the air. When the game starts, the Samurai owner (good or evil) first enters the field and gains an advantage when acquiring weapons. Avatar, and an essential tool for winning the game.

Samurai Saga not only introduces games, but also has many other features on the roadmap for collectors to stay involved in the project. For example, holders can bet samurai and earn passive income, much like a savings account. The team is also planning a number of giveaways and other marketing activities to build a current community that has grown to over 150,000 people in discord. However, the main focus is on developing an open world game for collectors to use the samurai to fight the game villain “Baddies”, which is also released as an NFT.

Samurai Saga NFTs are now available for purchase in the aftermarket at Opensea.


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