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Salman Khan-backed Bollycoin announces launch of Dabangg NFT collection

BollyCoin, backed by Bollywood superstart Salman Khan, today announced the launch of the NFT Marketplace. The launch will take place on December 30th and will offer a collection of NFTs from Salman Khan Stirrer’s iconic Dabangg franchise produced by Arbaaz Khan Productions.

BollyCoin was created to bring most of all existing iconic Bollywood media into the blockchain and raise community interest in such media through tokens. They partner directly with the original Bollywood media owners (production companies and licensors) to add them to the blockchain and turn them into NFTs. These NFTs will then be sold on our platform. For example, the NFT of an iconic movie scene loved by millions of people.

Bollywood announced its arrival in October and planned a marketplace offering a selection of NFTs created from the original Bollywood media. However, BollyCoin did not reveal the name of the film that created the NFT. According to the website, the NFT collection includes, among other things, movie clips, posters and still images.

The platform also has its own cryptocurrencies, listed in Uniswap and Quickswap on decentralized exchanges. We are currently partnering with Salman Khan Films, Arbaaz Khan Productions, Sohail Khan Productionz, Reel Life Productions, and Salman Khan himself for static NFTs.

Co-founder Bolly Coin Kyle Lopes said: It was one of the most requested movies from our community, so we really want to make it justice. Characters and franchises are undeniably symbolic, so there is no doubt that they are an exciting way to start our project. “

NFTs are a type of digital asset that uses blockchain to record ownership of items such as images, videos, and other collectibles. Their roaring popularity has confused many, but explosive growth is showing no signs of waning.

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