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RxSeedCoin.io Offers First Ever NFT Bible Artwork to Benefit Kentucky Tornado Victims

Fort Washington, Maryland / Access Wire / December 24, 2021 / Rx SeedCoin, Inc. (RxSeedCoin.io: WSOW) is an advanced blockchain technology business that aims to uplift humanity and provide solutions to the pressing problems facing the world today, with partners Ammbr.com and featured artists. Announced in partnership with a Randy Friemel. The first history of selling NFT artwork on Bible-related blockchains. Artwork, including some Christmas themes hosted on the website RxSeedCoin.io under the NFT, will also benefit victims of the December 2021 tornado. Damage that happened just before the Christmas holidays.

“In the world of NFTs and blockchains, putting a particular theme of artwork on the market first adds value to NFT. There are many themes in artwork, from pets to abstract art to great works and artists. David Miller, founder of RxSeedCoin.io (and the compassionate WSOW cryptocurrency), said: In the process of identifying artists and artwork and creating artwork for the project. , A tornado struck an office near Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee, where responders immediately began relief efforts. Due to the pain the team observed, they decided to change the schedule. Release date of Bible NFT artwork from 2022 to 2021 Christmas holidays so that some of the proceeds can be used to help victims. We are doing this because we speeded up the project. Ammbr is building for us, but we are hosting NFT sales at the NFT Exchange of our technology partner, Ammbr, rather than ourselves, who are not yet ready to launch. There are several other ways to do it. I hope people buy prints from this history and take advantage of the blockchain’s Christmas spirit to create an NFT series to help people in need. It is a great honor to be able to provide this first NFT Bible-related artwork featuring Jesus at Christmas to help people. This first series features the work of artist Randy Freemel. It is planned and more works will be released in the future. “

“RxSeedCoin.io is a commercial blockchain business whose business plan includes using one-third of its resources to help people and make a difference around the world. Jeff Richfield, founder of io, said: The most pressing issue in the world. Unlike other NFT exchanges, we choose what is offered on the exchange and the artists are 3 A value proposition that agrees to make a one-third payment to help pay for artwork and artist promotions. Earn money from his artwork and use one-third to help people in need. RxSeedCoin.io’s overall relief efforts and distribution of relief for each NFT by assisting in the payment of it-forward’. We need financial support to cover the operating costs of the exchange, including, and the costs of artists, artwork, all events of cause, marketing, and promotion, although in most cases RxSeedCoin.io has already contributed to the cause. In some cases, the artist can bring in a cause or someone in need of help, and the artist is free to donate much of his profits to fund the cause, but if they so desire. Our model never asks artists to contribute more. We want to attract established artists to our platform to support the urgent needs of our time. I think, but I have to admit that some of the best artists are hungry. Then it’s up to them what they do and whatever their decision is, we’ll announce it. It’s about creating a business that helps people, and it’s launching a little earlier than planned, so I’m excited to launch this idea in all rough situations. “

Those who are interested in purchasing Unprecedented For Bible NFTs to help victims of tornadoes, visit RxSeedCoin.io[NFT]Click on the menu item.

For more information on contact information for this press release, please see 307-222-9867.

Source: Rx SeedCoin

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