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Rocket Genesis Announces Upcoming NFT Collection Coupled With a Suite of Play-to-Earn Games

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Rocket Genesis Announcing the next release of NFT along with a new suite of Play-to-Earn games. A state-of-the-art DeFi project that rewards BUSD holders (formerly known as RocketBUSD) has redesigned its brand, roadmap, and mission to stand out in the crowd with a new list that includes StrikeX. did.

Rocket Genesis is aiming for new heights with major updates.

Cole, founder of Rocket Genesis, said:

“DeFi is growing rapidly in terms of innovation, complexity and population. New identities and progressive roadmaps will help redefine and integrate DeFi.”

Community members have the opportunity to secure some of the first whitelist spots by participating in game contests, creative challenges, and becoming active members of the Rocket Genesis community. The NFT collection features a beta access utility for a set of Play-to-Earn games currently under development.

Rocket Genesis launches a list of partnerships on multiple exchanges StrikeX In the second quarter of this year. In addition, contract renewals will be rolled out later this year. To celebrate the launch of Rocket Genesis on March 30, a new product line featuring the #unifydefi slogan and a stunning new brand is now available online.

Following Thomas’Daddy’Smith, Binance In 2021, this year’s global influencer joined the core team to begin developing a Rocket Genesis decentralized infrastructure that hosts a solution and gaming ecosystem for the growing DeFi community. In parallel with the recent announcement, the new RocketGenesis app will be previewed on the RocketGenesis Twitter feed on March 31st and will be fully released in the app store later this year.

Rocket Genesis aims to simplify complexity, improve security and accelerate performance through a powerful, lightweight and environmentally friendly distributed infrastructure. Owners of Native Utility Tokens can receive rewards for reflection, use them in tools, games, community-based proposal voting, and unlock premium features and rewards.

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