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REVV Racing Shifts NFTs to New Smart Contracts in Preparation for Fusion System By DailyCoin

© Reuters. REVV Racing migrates NFTs to new smart contracts in preparation for fusion system

REVV Motorsport’s flagship racing title, REVV Racing, has announced the migration of all current REVV Racing Car NFT smart contracts to new ERC-721 smart contracts in preparation for the upcoming Fusion System.

REVV Racing’s existing assets will be retired during the transition in favor of new contracts and assets. This motorsport game reassured users that this process should have minimal impact on the player and owner experience. REVV Racing recommends that users unlist assets listed on OpenSea to avoid issues.

create better cars

The arcade motorsport game recently revealed its roadmap for 2023. The game plans to integrate exciting mechanics such as fusions, catalysts, and shards. REVV Motorsports aims to redefine the player gaming and winning experience for 2023.

Future fusion systems are expected to be the primary mechanism for granting users access to higher rarity REVV racing cars. The new system produces all-new powerful REVV Racing Car NFTs. This gives players who have cars of common rarity the opportunity to generate better and faster cars. Shards and Catalysts allow developers to integrate new Play-to-Earn infrastructure into their games.

In upcoming transition exercises, REVV Racing will manage the deployment of Catalyst (CATA) and Shard (SHARD) tokens to prepare for the Play-to-Earn 2.0 initiative.

Here are all the details about the migration:

  • REVV Motorsport will roll out Catalyst and Shard Bridge to Ethereum and Polygon on December 16th.
  • The Catalyst and Shard contract games will be deployed on the proposed network by December 19th.
  • On the second week of January 2023, a snapshot of existing ERC-1155 will be taken.
  • A new ERC-721 contract will be deployed on Polygon.
  • The game sets up a new collection after removing the existing storefront.
  • Finally, all REVV Racing game components will reflect new updates for detecting new smart contracts.

REVV Racing shared that the migrated NFTs will share the same metadata, token ID, chassis number and supply as the current NFTs. Additionally, the game has confirmed that the NFT retains its functionality. However, new smart contracts that support the upcoming Fusion system will govern the NFTs.

The developers shared that they have a lot of plans for next year. REVV Motorsports has hinted at details of what to expect in the first quarter of 2023.

on the flipside

  • The developers shared that they are looking into ways to opt-in for mining. However, this meant that he had two of his NFT collections active in the store, prompting players to purchase cars from the discontinued collection.

why you should care

Revv Motorsport envisions providing a better Play-to-Earn (P2E) experience across the motorsport gaming ecosystem. The upcoming fusion system and new play-to-earn infrastructure powered by shards and catalysts will transform the game and provide greater utility for players and enthusiasts. This transition is an important step in Revv Motorsport’s roadmap and brings us closer to our ultimate goal.

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