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Remember Magic The Gathering? Its Creator will Launch a New NFT Game

Richard Garfield, creator of the iconic Magic The Gathering trading card game, has partnered with Tyranno Studios to launch Blockchain Brawlers. Blockchain Brawlers is his wrestling-themed NFT card game where you can fight, trade and sell his tradable NFT cards. The addition of Garfield means a shift towards his GameFi narrative being more gameplay-focused and less of the play-to-earn speculative aspect.

Any modern trading card fan can recall its influence. magic the gathering It is in the trading card genre. Iconic card game creator Richard Garfield has teamed up with Tyranno Studios to bring fans his new NFT PvP card game called Blockchain Brawlers.

Located on the WAX ​​blockchain network, Blockchain Brawlers is a play-to-earn battle strategy game that players can own. NFTs A wrestler card and an NFT ring that allows users to earn in-game tokens $BRWL. A digital brawler can be equipped with a variety of gear that serve a purpose such as increasing damage.

Brawler NFTs can be categorized into several rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. $BRWL tokens are used to craft items, heal Brawlers, craft Brawlers, and provide multiple burning mechanisms for a healthy in-game economy.

Tyranno Studio seeks to leverage the PvP expertise gained from Garfield’s experience with Magic The Gathering. Since the game was originally PvE, Blockchain Brawlers is looking to implement similar functionality in gameplay.

Blockchain brawler gameplay

Garfield claims that the game will focus more on gameplay and distance itself from the speculative aspects that play-to-earn games are notorious for. This follows web3’s trend of redefining from ‘play to earn’ to ‘play to earn’, where the focus is on gameplay or how to retain users through the fun they derive from gameplay. will be focused on.

For Blockchain Brawlers, it can mean implementing fun complex strategies. All players have access to the same cards and materials, eliminating the possibility of unfair trading card games.

Implementing a more gameplay-driven NFT game ensures a level playing field regardless of how much money players put into the game. This allows for extensions to things that aren’t talked about very often. game phi A title that is a vision of esports.

Tyranno Studios Chief Gaming Officer Michael Rubinelli expressed interest in expanding to host global competitions. Now, its matchmaking ranking system ensures fair matches between players, allowing gamers to hone their skills at a more comfortable pace.

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