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Registrations Begin for STRMNFT Digital Asset Marketplace By CoinQuora

Registration of STRMNFT Digital Asset Marketplace begins
  • StreamCoin has officially started registering for STRMNFT.
  • STRMNFT is a digital asset marketplace that offers a variety of news features.
  • CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh and the team are excited about the new phase.

StreamCoin, a blockchain company, has officially announced a kick-off for the registration of the all-new STRMNFT Marketplace. As a preliminary offer, STRMNFT will feature free digital asset casting until July 2022, according to information provided by the team.

STRMNFT Marketplace is StreamCoin’s latest venture. It reportedly has a user-friendly interface that is useful for users unfamiliar with the crypto world.

Regarding this accessibility, StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh said:

Following a user-to-technology ecosystem approach to developing, STRMNFT is an easy-to-use marketplace designed to be an open space for all types of users. With our platform and services, we aim to draw a line between crypto enthusiasts and modern Web 2.0 users who have never experienced blockchain or crypto.

In addition, environmental concerns are at the top of StreamCoin’s list of priorities. Therefore, the team uses a Proof of Deed (PoD) approach to save power and resources.

Chaybeh says he observed how the planet is being consumed every day by operating high-capacity servers, power-consuming blockchain networks, and other high-carbon emission platforms. The CEO says this is why he has devised a new, responsible and environmentally friendly solution that will contribute to a better future for the planet at the same time without compromising speed and efficiency.

In addition, STRMNFT allows users to follow their favorite content creators, create playlists for video NFTs, and sort content by category. Users also have their own personal channel with the option to make their content available in public or private views.

Shortly after the launch of STRMNFT, TNC Group, one of StreamCoin’s leading partners and investors, released its exclusive Lady Apes NFT collection. The TNC Group claims to offer discounts on these collections to everyone who participates in StreamCoin’s ICO and staking portal.

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