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Refik Anadol, David OReilly and Ash Thorp to Join The Chainsmokers and The Kid LAROI for World’s First NFT Art & Music Festival March 18 and 19 at AREA15 in Las Vegas

HOLLYWOOD-()-Web3 company Afterparty today announced the world’s first full lineup for the first time. NFT Art & Music Festival It boasts 20 outstanding NFT artists including Refik Anadol, David OReilly, Ash Thorp, Yulia Shur and Tyloord, and 24 musical acts including SOFI TUKKER, Bob Moses, Gryffin, LANY, TOKiMONSTA and ZackBia. The festival will take place March 18th and 19th in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring previously released headliners The Chainsmokers and The Kid LAROI.

NFTs unleash access to the festival and will be the centerpiece of these two days of immersiveness in digital art, sound, light and space. Human-scale 4K and 8K displays transform NFT art from digital thumbnails to mainstage performances and multi-sensory gallery shows with live DJs. The After Party chose AREA 15, Las Vegas’ immersive event and entertainment district, minutes from the Strip, as the backdrop for this multi-venue indoor and outdoor experience.

The after-party NFT is both digital art and the key to attending and experiencing the festival. There are two types of NFT Gate “way-ins”, each offering its own level of access to the festival and even more limited after-party events.

  1. Own a Utopia NFT or buy a Utopia Mentha Pass at OpenSea.. This will bring artist-level features such as the “Utopia Only” area, NFT Drops for future creators and after-party who can attend the festival for at least 5 years, as well as priority spots on the guest list for pop-up events in Art Basel, New York. Access to the festival is granted. NYC etc. Utopian owners will also receive a free after-party Guardian NFT. This is the company’s upcoming second-generation drop, including the After Party Festival Pass to the next Vegas event in 2023 and the After Party NFT Art & Music Festival in Los Angeles in the fall of 2022. The after party covers all gas charges.
  2. Buy an After Party Festival Pass at OpenSea.. This will unlock access to the festival and spots on the guest list of the After Party Guardian Collection, an after party festival pass to the next Vegas event in 2023, and an after party NFT in Los Angeles in the fall of 2022. Art & music festivals and more are offered.

All after-party NFTs are completely unique and will last forever on the Ethereum blockchain. Sia, Nile Rodgers, Heidi Klum, JustMaiko and jxdn were one of the first creators to live mint an afterparty NFT in a secret place in Hollywood Hills. Over 300 musicians, artists and creators are participating.

Afterparty Co-founder and CEO, David Fields: “As the creator economy booms, artists and musicians continue to recognize the value that NFTs have far beyond the ETH market floor. These are the perfect superfans to promote more direct connections. Technology. Half of Utopia’s owners are very excited to perform or attend the festival. This is the afterparty experience and commitment to this incredibly vibrant and growing Web3 community. It shows how much you are evaluating. ”

Nate Moller, NFT artist and co-creative director of the After Party Festival: “We are experiencing an art renaissance and new media artists can get the recognition they deserve in the world of fine art. Use new digital tools to make art very impactful. By asking “big” questions, these creatives create emotional works. Responses, rises, curiosity-they are pioneering a new, more meaningful era of art. “Time of Sculpture, Illuminations of Existence”, the gallery show we curate for the festival will immerse you in the hearts of celebrities such as David Oreilly, Refik Anadol, Smearballs, Ash Thorp, Other great talents. ”

NFT artist Alec Maassen has joined Nate Mohler as co-creative director of the NFT Art Program. Both artists will also showcase their art at the festival. Former Life is Beautiful partner Ryan Doherty and former Kaaboo executive Chris Racan are the festival’s production partners. The festival lineup is as follows.

Rotating NFT art showcase

March 18 Music act

March 19 Music act

Refik Anadol

Kid Laroy

The Chainsmokers

David OReilly


Special guest * Coming soon *

Ash thorp


Bob Moses

Julia sur

Sophie Tukker


Isabella Addison

Charlie Jordan


Nina Hawkins


Matt Steffanina



Miles O’Neill



Pussy Riot

Maciej Kuciara


Very cute very cute


Matt Como




Surf Mesa

Ondley Zunka

Zack Beer

Alec Marsen

Nate Moller


+ Details

Chris Lacan, Former Carbou Executive and After Party Festival Production Partner:: “The early crossroads of art and technology have influenced my lifelong career in festival production and have made a complete round with a unique fusion of NFT and music. It’s unimaginably profound and undoubtedly the future. The production caliber and after-party team represent 21st century foresights, risk takers and creators who have embraced the potential of Web3’s IRL. Now is the time to focus on digital art, especially in the form of NFTs. It’s time to set the stage. The token gate experience we create at Afterparty is an innovative first step. ”

Former Life is a beautiful partner and production partner for the After Party Festival, Ryan Dougherty: “NFT art deserves to be seen and admired through experiences as innovative as NFT art itself. We prepare for the future, emphasizing the impact these works have on our viewers. We are creating a festival that captures the energy and enthusiasm that suits the environment. ”

For more information on the After Party and its first NFT Art & Music Festival, please visit: To become a Utopia owner, visit the following website: To purchase the Utopia Mentha Pass, please visit: To purchase an NFT Festival Pass, please visit:

About after party

Afterparty is a Web3 company building tools and communities for creators and their greatest supporters to harness the concrete real-world values ​​of NFTs. Afterparty is founded and managed by entrepreneurs with an equal focus on technology and creators, expanding the debut token gate event platform from the Metaverse to the IRL experience, advancing Web3 and leveraging its empirical value. We’ve put together a dynamic community that makes it possible. NFT provides.

Holding one of the 1,500 NFTs in the afterparty’s generative “Utopia” collection gives you access to the afterparty universe. This includes the world’s first NFT Gate Art and Music Festival to be held in Las Vegas on March 18th and 19th, 2022. After party house, pop-up event at Art Basel, etc. For more information on the After Party and the First Annual After Party NFT Art & Music Festival, please visit:

About AREA15

Minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, AREA15 offers live events, immersive activations, monumental art installations, extraordinary design elements, unique retail, innovative technology, bars and eateries. The world’s first dedicated immersive entertainment district.A growing collection of dynamic destinations, including The axis of the duel, Emporium Arcade Bar, Illuminarium, Lost Spirits Distillery, Oddwood barWink World: Portal into the InfiniteMuseum Fiasco, Rocket fizz, Five iron golf, Todd English Beast, OZ experience And the experience of anchors, Meow Wolf Omega MartAREA15 is a constantly changing district of art, retail and entertainment that attracts locals and tourists of all ages.

AREA15 has received numerous acclaims, including being selected as the “Best Immersive Art Experience”. USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Travel Awards, one of the “10 Most Innovative Urban Development and Real Estate Companies of 2020” Fast Company“Reader’s Choice-Best Charm” Las Vegas Weekly, “Best Arts Hub” Las Vegas Magazine, Introduced to Las Vegas Magazine Won 1st place in “Hall of Fame” Blooloop “The World’s Top 11 Immersive Art Experiences.” For more information on AREA15, please visit:

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