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Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Explains Investments In NFTs, Says This Is The Difference Web3 Provides

investors and entrepreneurs Alexis Ohanian One of the many supporters helping to grow the Web3 When Non-fungible tokenIn an interview, Ohanian elaborated on some of his favorite projects and the differences Web3 could solve.

What happened: Ohanian supports NFT projects such as Tsukidori, doodle When Yuga Lab, parent company of Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Ohanian cited Yuga Labs as one of the companies trying to solve the Web3 problem and launch games.

“As long as people are building with crypto, spinning up nodes, looking for ways to solve problems, they are going to need a pickaxe and a shovel to do it,” Ohanian said. CNBC mentioned interview.

Ohanian said Yuga Lab was not can bring Daniel Alegre from Activision Blizzard Inc. ATVI If Web3 games don’t look like they have a chance, pull him away from hit titles like World of Warcraft.

“What we see in community, culture and creativity is very likely to be the new frontier of gaming and culture.”

Several Yuga Labs projects, Moonbirds and Doodles, all rank among the top 10 collections by sales in 2022 and are among the most popular collections. ethereum Ethereum/USDNFT collection of the best basses ever.

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Web3 differences: Ohanian named Doodles As an NFT company looking to solve the future of intellectual property and ownership using Web3.

“Doodles wants to build a whole world of next-generation Disney and IP: giving people a stake or ownership,” said Ohanian.

Ohanian compared investing in NFTs today to being able to invest in companies like: walt disney company DIS Not only do we invest in companies, we invest in individual characters as well.

“If I could have bought Disney stock 100 years ago, I would have been happy, but if I could have bought an original Mickey Mouse drawing, I would have been very happy.”

Ohanian said he couldn’t invest in or own a character from a media company before people found auctions of old Mickey Mouse paintings.

“At the end of the day, that’s what makes Web3 different,” he said.

when it was Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six Announces Investing In Doodles, Ohanian said he was proud to be a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space with over a decade of investing.

“I have never been as optimistic as I am now,” he said.

Ohanian added that builders are pushing ahead with construction and the technology of the future is exciting.

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photograph: G Holland via Shutterstock

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