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Red Hot Marley Launches the Finest Collection of Bob Marley NFTs on OpenSea

Red Hot Marley is a unique collection of 500 non-fungible tokens inspired by Bob Marley. The collection is on sale until December 28, 2022.

As Bob Marley said, “A man’s greatness lies not in how much wealth he has acquired, but in his integrity and ability to positively influence those around him.” The late Robert Nesta Marley is widely recognized as one of the most influential musicians of all time who lived to inspire, move and uplift those around them. BoyBoogie2021, the creator of Red Hot Marley, wanted to pay tribute to the great Bob Marley by creating his exquisite NFT collection built on his image.

One of the main reasons BoyBoogie came to create this NFT collection was to promote the values ​​that Marley championed throughout his life. Peace, unity and love for all life are some of the ever-present elements in every Bob Marley song.

red hot marleyis a sophisticated and unique work of art, full of symbolism. Smoldering red and orange hues and accents paint Marley in a magnificent light, highlighting his passion for all forms of art, his perseverance in the face of adversity, and the ray of hope that radiates from the artist.

Bob Marley died in 1981, but his spirit lives on in his followers. Rastafarian Reggae He Music and Bob As an avid Marley fan, BoyBoogie2021 wanted to honor his idol and honor his rich legacy with his Red Hot Marley NFT collection.

Red Hot Marley has launched on OpenSea and is very different from the current collection of non-fungible tokens.

While most NFT companies and projects bet on the marketing and “hype” that NFTs generate, Red Hot Marley is devoid of all the drama, complicated rules and complicated payment processing options.

This NFT collection has already been minted so that every NFT collector, trader, investor and crypto enthusiast can see the art and know exactly what they are paying for. Without the unnecessary complexity typical of his NFT projects in the modern era, Red Hot Marley is beautiful, beautiful and easy to buy and own.

BoyBoogie2021 wanted to make unique art pieces available to NFT art enthusiasts and fans at a very affordable price, so we launched a special event to celebrate the birth of our latest NFT collection.

red hot marley Consisting of 500 exquisite non-fungible tokens, it will be on sale until the 5:07 am GMT+1 on December 2022.

The spirit of Bob Marley lives on through his music. A gorgeous piece of digital art called Red Hot Marley was recently made available on OpenSea at a special discount. Red Hot Marley was created by crypto enthusiast and digital artist BoyBoogie2021, giving crypto collectors the chance to own premium digital art for just 0.02 ETH.

For more information on Red Hot Marley, visit the project’s official website. OpenSea page.

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