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Reactify’s The Block L.A. Closes NFT L.A. Week with Vortex

Los Angeles, CA, April 9, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)- Block LA It has become the best lunch pad for cutting-edge Web3 technology and art. NFT LA A week at the legendary James Goldstein Mansion.The event was created and produced by ReactifyA visionary group of companies specializing in premium launches and experiences, this evening turned into a whirlpool of multi-million dollar connections between Web3 professionals, investors, celebrities and artists.

Speaker panel at night, Chef Jorge’s JB Experience (Visual exhibition of art and food) And experience the latest technology and install digital art Outland art Building an NFT gallery with Reactify partners, World of light..Received three Grammy Awards and two World Music Awards DJ Paul Oakenfold Ended the night with a classic house music set brought to you by Animal concert.. Dan FreshmanThe youngest founder of a publicly traded company and the sort leader of the NFT community, was a host and moderator.Drops included collaboration between artists Tran $ Parent When Steve Aoki..

Baron Davis, Jaylen James, Michael Turpin, Jeremy Gardner, Eric Schwerzel When James Goldstein He himself turned from a hip-hop star to a metaverse player, Tory Lanez, Mario, J. Call When Taiga..

“We were confident in the success of the block event, but it was well received by industry leaders and networking. This is the beginning of a breakthrough in the NFT and Web3 space,” he said. Reactify CEO Samah Addin..

One of the top innovations of the night, ProtoHas continued to grow as the most powerful tool for introducing the art and experience of Web3. LA startups have just won big wins at SXSW and CES and brought the ProtoEpic hologram device to the event. Beleve Vision.. The unit is Alisa Bed When Hey Hibrawi..

“Proto is a really fantastic display,” said Iranian-American artist Savet, a well-known creator of Tokyo Punk, Pixopop, Agree Kitty, and Healing Code. “It’s really exciting to see my work on the proto.”

Hibrawi, one of the leading new women in the NFT Space, whose important efforts with refugees and protection of Syrian culture have been recognized by the United Nations and NBC Nightly News, said: I was in the proto. I am very proud. ”

Proto, formerly known as Portl, is known for its live interactive experience with executives, athletes and artists around the world. You can display the NFT as a volume hologram. I installed the third party app Hideaway to interactively convert my Proto device. Touch screen NFT gallery. Proto is used by Christies in both the Art + Tech Summit and recent Friends in the FriendsWithYou auction in collaboration with OpenSea. Proto Epic is also used to display holograms in partnership with BitBasel, DeadMau5, SuperRare, ArtRepublic, amfAR, Haas Brothers, Nicole Buffett, NFT NYC, NBA champion Danny Green and more.

“What’s better than showing off hologram technology on a tennis court at home? Big Lebowski Was it taken? We were thrilled to be able to conclude a great week at NFTLA by introducing some of Reactify’s “The Block LA”‘s most exciting NFT work. ” Proto Inventor and CEO David Nussbaum.. “Thanks to Reactify and Beleve Vision for making this happen, and trusting the great NFT artists Ali Sabet and Kinda Hibrawi, as well as other NFT artists, to give your work a new level of impact. Thank you. ”

Other highlights are: The first one-stop shop DEFI wallet known as “The Unhackable Wallet”. Advanced Wearables Inc. We exhibited the first ever Wear-to-Earn platform with a wireless AWI Powersuit using electrical muscle stimulation technology and a fitness tracker designed to help people manage their health.When Doc.comCEO Charles Nader, dubbed “Latin American Unicorn” by Forbes, has announced a new epidemiological analysis-based telemedicine service optimized for blockchain and encryption. The complete list of sponsors who participated in this flagship NFT event includes: Animal concert, Beleve Vision, Proto,, Outland art, Hot drop, Bitcoin Latinum, Metacrest, Defy market swap, TMON When Feeling dented..

Getty photos of the event are available here.

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About the proto

Founded as PORTL in 2018, Proto Inc. is a manufacturer of hologram devices, software and cloud services that support holographic support. Founded by inventor and CEO David Nussbaum, the award-winning product is now in use around the world, bringing executives, technical and scientific experts, sports and music celebrities to the event, NFT and others. It displays objects and has become an important new tool. For the education, retail, marketing and hospitality industries. Tim Draper-backed startups have recently won CES Innovation Awards in three categories, topped the SXSW Innovation Awards for “Connecting People,” and were named to Fast Company’s list of the most innovative companies. Proto is headquartered in Los Angeles with satellite showrooms and distributor showrooms in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Columbus, Ohio. Proto aims to connect people across all kinds of divisions.follow me twitter When Instagram.. For more information,


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