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Rarible Looks To Enlarge NFT Marketplace With New Aggregator Feature

Rarible’s new aggregation market is the company’s answer to the changing NFT market. The updated website, dubbed Rarible 2, allows users to view items from collections listed in multiple marketplaces on her one page.

Announced as part of a series of updates, a collection of Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) listed on centralized and decentralized marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare and SudoSwap will be available on Rarible’s website, depending on their price. listed.

“This is how the market works,” says Alexander Salnikov, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Rarible. “Buyers just want to buy something. [that is] Best price and effective. ”

Rarible is now the 5th largest NFT marketplace, according to decentralized app analytics firm Dapp Radar,saw Descent Year-to-date monthly users. Trading volume over the last 30 days is just above his 10% of market leader OpenSea ($323.78 million).

The idea of ​​NFT aggregation mainly comes from the company’s desire to bring more collectibles, users and ultimately liquidity to its own platform. He said he expects more returning users for Rarible. The aggregation approach makes more sense for Rarible than his four larger rivals. Because Rarible is big enough to pool the market, yet small enough to make big profits from the NFTs listed on the platform.

Salnikov said he would be encouraged to relist NFTs on Rarible rather than the previous marketplace, as there would be no additional charges for viewing collectibles on the aggregation platform.

“We provide our users with the best window into the market while also building rewards that create a vortex of liquidity in our own order book,” he adds. “It’s like moving a listing from another location to your own marketplace.”

According to Salnikov, the most common type of NFTs traded on aggregators are quality profile picture (pfp) collectibles such as Bored Apes, Doodles and Crypto Punks due to their popularity and liquidity. Each collectible has its own attributes that determine its price, but due to the dominance and relative price stability of these series, they are placed in several NFTs. indexIndices like Bitwise and Coinbase track the average price of NFT collections and are considered indicators of market conditions.

These types of collections have two main customers. Customers looking for specific her NFTs with specific desirable attributes (many are choosing something similar to them) and wanting to be part of the community and simply the best priced image Customers looking for

“This is our strategy to capture that market,” Salnikov says of price-sensitive buyers.

Rarible uses the token for a reward system similar to the native tokens of major crypto exchanges. Her RARI, the marketplace’s native reward token, allows users to bypass her 1% issuance fee and gain voting rights and governance access to the RariDAO. RariDAO is also updated. The company is introducing a voting escrow model where users who pledge not to sell rewards during the lockup period will receive additional RARI tokens, effectively granting them more voting power. The longer it is (up to 2 years), the more tokens you will receive.

“A lot of cryptocurrencies are created by very short-sighted decisions,” Salnikov said, adding that traders are encouraged to vote for short-term, high-reward decisions. The only way to get rid of it is to give the ability to vote to those who can’t quit right away.”

The NFT market has moved significantly from pfps to games, and Rarible’s update is the company’s attempt to grow despite the headwinds in the NFT market. Aggregated markets provide liquidity and rewards provide a “gaming experience,” he says Salnikov.

Rarible hosts NFTs made on various blockchains, including Tezos.
and Solana
the aggregated marketplace is currently only available for Ethereum-based NFTs.


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