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Rapper Ja Rule to donate NFT proceeds to Jackson State, other HBCUs

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Jackson football continues to enjoy the benefits of associating Deion Sanders with the program, as another celebrity has promised to donate to the school.

Rapper Ja Rule, which is the revenue collected from future NFT collections and is shared on Instagram, will be sent to multiple HBCUs, including Jackson.

“Be part of something beautiful … Blacklist now on July 14th,” Ja Rule posted on Instagram.

Ja Rule has shown that 1,000 1-of-1 NFTs have been sold and some of the proceeds will be useful to Hampton, Morgan, Spellman, Morehouse and Jackson.

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Sanders, who is entering his third season as JSU head coach, thanked Ja Rule for the gesture.

“I would like to thank my brother Ja Rule for hitting me and including our program in his mind along with some other HBCUs,” Sanders wrote on social media. “My brother, I have always admired and respected you from afar, but this is a true blessing to our team. All his earnings assigned to us are certain to us. Will be sent directly to the Jackson football program because of their needs. God congratulates my brother !!! “

Donations have been announced by another rap tycoon, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, who will donate $ 1 million each to Howard University and Jackson.

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