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RadioShack Announces a New DeFi And NFT Collection

This year, Radioshack, a legendary seller of electronic components and specialty hardware, is 100 years old. To celebrate its longevity, the DeFi protocol and NFT collection.

In a move that has plagued a significant portion of enthusiastic CryptoTwitter users, the company has changed its Bio and website to promote a new vision of launching and promoting the DeFi project.

RadioShack wants to revolutionize crypto space

There is no official announcement, but RadioShack’s new Twitter bio has a clear message. The company now wants a big entry into the decentralized financial industry.

The 100-year-old company’s new Twitter Bio wants to bring cryptography to the average consumer. RadioShack’s new mission is to “become the first protocol to bridge the gap in mainstream DeFi usage.”

RadioShack’s official website is now everything RadioShack Defi.. The new DeFi service begins with a swap using the Atlas USV token (an acronym for Universal Store of Value). The idea is to create a system where third party tokens constantly flow into DEX and exchange them for discounted USV tokens.

Image of the partnership between RadioShack and Atlas USV

Initially, this relationship is theoretically mutually beneficial, as liquidity providers will get new tokens that can be redeemed for profits. In contrast, RadioShack gets third-party tokens to increase its finances.

RadioShack I will explain “The Atlas USV Protocol is a long-term holder, not a reward-oriented short-term liquidity provider.” This provides a comparative advantage for the platform by ensuring long-term liquidity.

In this way, users ensure that the team does not sell tokens to raise their own funds. Similarly, Radioshack guarantees that “if the liquidity pool exceeds the liquidity level of another exchange in one of the token pairs, the swap efficiency of that pair will be invincible.”

NFT is also on the radar

RadioShack also NFT collection..

According to the website, the RadioShack team has partnered with Franklin Mint, Modell’s Sporting Goods and others to launch tokens for purchase on the NFT Opensea Marketplace.

The collection It consists of about 74 works, including a painting by the company’s CEO Alex Mehr, as well as 3D designs, sports-themed photographs, vehicle photographs, and a variety of other designs.

Will RadioShack succeed in this new venture?Or will it be new? KodakOr, worse, another “Long Island Block Chain Tea“? No one knows, this is the realm of cryptography, at least risk-loving traders have new tokens to redeem along the vehicle.

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