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Preacher’s SXSW Exhibit Presents Very Different Kinds of NFTs

SXSW participants want to surprise, persuade, and eat their weight with tacos. Austin agency Preacher has decided to put another spin on the NFT by exhibiting over 50 non-traditional tokens.

The agency uses the space on the ground floor as a gallery that curates local artists all year round. In the case of SXSW, an annex will be created in the gallery and the item “NFT Treasury” will be displayed. Here, NFT does not represent a non-fungible token, but a completely different one.

The 10 most popular items are created in real NFTs and auctioned at OpenSea. The winner will receive a digital token along with the physical object and its gallery card.Revenue benefits Ukraine through donations to IRC (International Rescue Committee).

IRL NFTs are not what you expect, it’s their beauty. There are “Noodles Fused Together”, “Non-Flushable Turd”, “Nimble Fingered Tetris”, “94 Tacks”, “Neutered Fragile Tramp”, “Napoleonic Fascinator Taco”. My personal favorite, “Neccowafers? Fuck That,” is described as “sugar, chalk, misery.”

Muse talked with Preacher’s Associate Creative Director, Tyler Booker, about creating an atypical NFT that stands out in SXSW and fills the gallery.

Muse: How did you come up with this idea? Did you always intend to do so as an SXSW exhibition?

Tyler Booker: I knew that the discussion about NFTs would be one of the biggest motivations for people to attract people to SXSW this year, so after a two-year gap with our own humorous contribution to the conversation, people I wanted to return to the fest. This idea was the first to come up with a way to entertain visitors to SXSW parties. Because we knew that when NFTs landed at the festival, there would be a flood of intense debate about NFTs. We are always interested in inspiring and astonishing our visitors and ourselves through conceptual activation.

How long did it take to come up with different NFTs and create a physical NFT?

From the first thought to the final product, it took about two weeks to collect tokens and prepare the exhibition for prime time. We relied on some of our tchotchke-oriented teammates to look for an antique cabinet for the first addition. But once I started looking for items that fit the NFT bill, it was difficult to stop finding them wherever I went, especially at thrift shops. We continued to collect collections until the opening. The video montage of the clip of the most advanced content creator on social media (“Nanafound TikTok”) was conceived and edited about an hour before the door was opened.

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