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Polygon Taps SIMBA Chain for Upcoming Blockchain Technology Business Initiatives | News

South Bend, Indiana-(BUSINESS WIRE)-March 17, 2022-

SIMBA Chain Co., Ltd.A chain-agnostic API development platform that provides cloud-based technology companies with a path to blockchain technology. polygon, Leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development , Efforts to further strengthen the adoption and innovation of blockchain technology.

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Historically, SIMBA Chain and Polygon have acted independently as technology platforms that enable scalable blockchain connectivity between centralized and decentralized entities. Polygon chooses the SIMBA chain to collaborate on a variety of business use cases and upcoming opportunities to provide both ecosystems with an expanded network of infrastructure, resources, and support.

This integration will allow both SIMBA chains and Polygon to continue to lower the barriers to entry for decentralized app development for non-cryptographic users, opening the door for more enterprises to engage in blockchain technology infrastructure. ..

“Many clients in traditional enterprise and cloud-based technologies expect blockchain development to have the same scalability, speed, and simplicity that they enjoy with today’s development tools. So, SIMBA Chain can provide its customers with innovative blockchain solutions with the requirements and expectations for any enterprise technology stack, yet it can take advantage of the Ethereum market, “said SIMBA Chain CEO. Brian Ritchie says.

The SIMBA chain leverages the full-stack scaling solution as a reliable infrastructure for building and running custom white-label NFT marketplaces for customers. From entertainment and sports to institutionalized entities, brands are already approaching SIMBA, looking for cost-effective, low-to-code NFT solutions. The SIMBA chain has so far successfully delivered these solutions to its customers, but the integration with Polygon will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each new and existing white label market.

Beyond the white-label NFT marketplace development, SIMBA and Polygon will broadly integrate with SIMBA’s Metadata Registry Bridge (MDR) marketing to enhance secure digital asset management solutions through extensive interoperability. Aim for. As the blockchain technology ecosystem matures and expands, SIMBA and Polygon will collaborate on many future NFT projects that will provide mutually beneficial extensions to both ecosystems.

In addition to Polygon, the SIMBA chain also supports protocols such as Ethereum, Quorum, Stellar, RSK, Binance, Avalanche, Hyperledger Fabric, and Hyperledger Sawtooth, and continues to extend multi-chain distributed app development capabilities.

About SIMBA Chain Co., Ltd.

SIMBA Chain is a chain-agnostic application programming interface (API) development platform that provides cloud-based technology and native blockchain technology companies with a path to blockchain technology. NFT platforms, corporate organizations, governments, universities, and individual programmers can leverage SIMBA’s simple, accessible, and flexible Blocks (™) product and solution suite to accelerate blockchain technology decentralized applications (dApps). Can be developed and deployed. SIMBA was established in 2017 through DARPA grants awarded to Notre Dame University and ITAMCO, the 2020 US Small and Medium Business Administration Tibetan Awards, TechPoint 2019 New Product Awards, and the 1st Source Bank Awards. Has won multiple awards. 2019 Commercialization Award. The SIMBA chain’s environmentally friendly and energy efficient platform supports Avalanche, Ethereum, Consensys Quorum, Binance Smart Chain, RSK, Stellar and Hyperledger, among other blockchain protocols. For more information, please visit:

About polygons

polygonA leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development.. With its growing product suite, developers can turn to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions (L2 solutions (ZK rollups and optimistic rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, standalone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, etc.). Easy to access. Polygon’s scaling solution is widely adopted, hosting over 7,000 applications, processing a total of over 1 billion transactions, having up to 100 million unique user addresses, and protecting over $ 5 billion in assets. increase.

If you are an Ethereum developer, you are already a polygon developer! Get started with Polygon’s fast and secure txns for your dApp here..

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