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Polygon on OpenSea reaches a new milestone in terms of volume, but…

  • Polygon hits NFT milestone as user base grows.
  • Public opinion and interest in whales declined.

polygon [MATIC] We reached yet another new milestone in NFTs market place high seasPolygon OpenSea now has over 1.6 million users, according to Dune Analytics data. On top of that, the weekly volume of the Polygon Marketplace has also increased significantly in recent months.

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These surges polygon‘s NFT volume can be attributed to multiple collaborations Polygon has participated in over the past few years. Despite the volatility faced by the cryptocurrency market in 2022, Polygon has partnered with multiple companies and corporations.

Source: Dune Analytics

Porygon brings in revenue

According to Defi Llama, due to NFT volume and interest, Polygon’s TVL skyrocketed, growing from $988 million to $1.22 billion in one month. Additionally, Polygon’s revenue increased by 30% as TVL increased.

Source: Token Terminal

street language

Despite growing interest in polygonThe increase in NFT space and TVL for Polygon has lowered weighted sentiment. This suggests that the crypto community had a negative outlook on Polygon at the time of writing.

Along with that, Polygon’s network growth and transaction numbers also declined. This indicates a reduction in the number of new addresses transacting using MATIC.

Whale interest in polygons has also decreased. This could be due to a drop in sentiment and network activity.

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Source: Santimento

Despite these setbacks, 1.6 million users polygon OpenSea showed growing interest in the platform and potential for future growth.

In conclusion, Polygon’s NFT reach underscores the growing popularity of NFTs and Polygon’s role in the NFT market. In particular, OpenSea’s large user base continues to give hope for the platform’s future growth.

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