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Pokémon NFTs are Now Available to Buy on OpenSea

Another popular medium has appeared in NFT games. An account called “The Pokemon Company_” launched on OpenSea has released a Pokemon NFT. Today, there are hundreds of collections available that are traded digitally.

This release was announced by @POKEMONNFT_ on Twitter at midnight on November 20th.

These collections are sold in varying quantities on Ethereum, the most expensive at the time of writing, at 69 ETH (equivalent to about $ 300,000), extracting huge chunks from the funds. If you can’t afford hundreds of thousands of dollars, the cheaper one is the beadle of 0.016 ETH (equivalent to about $ 70).

There are broader concerns about NFT ethics, especially with regard to their environmental impact. These concerns have caused anger at artists like Lil Nas X and companies like Marvel.

It’s still unclear if this will cause the same controversy, or if Pokemon fans will be thrilled to be able to catch them all in another way!

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